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Digging of Well for Planting Trees in this Lockdown Period

Tried a move to Plat as much tree as I can in this Lockdown. Only Fruit Trees like they can Give one or other Fruit in Every Season or month.  Mango, Fig, Sapota, Guava, Lichhi. Amla, Tej Pata, Kadi Pata, Coconut, Papaya, Jamun, Bel, Mausambi, Ber, Banana, Drumstick etc For this the First step is to Ensure Regular Water Supply , Which is best to Dig a Well. The Water Level of Well is very Satisfactory and gives clean Water that can be used for drinking after 16 days of Groundwater use.  

Geti Pitha Delicious

This Freshly made Prasad for the Gods is Specially made with Rice Flous , Jaggry and Cocunt Stuffinmg. Its water baked under Wood burn mud Stove and Named as Geti Pitha.  

Panaa Shankranti - Bela Pana


Ek Kar doon Aasma Zamin

 Pehela Nash Pehela Khumar .... Kar loon main Kya Apna Haal ..... Last Thursday I started a small adventure to the story of Ice-cream . Its all about making the ice-cream and adorable things that it brings before us. Surprised by the efforts and creativity goes out in making the best of tastes .. different for Children as well as old folks.