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Project Completed

Now well to write up a little on yesterdays events . with very refresh mood all set to play ha. Prior to the given deadline the current project is all done with the final editing and scripting. Played Quake after lunch. Viky went back today to udaipur and Jitu and me started the new web project . Downloaded four new songs and played.

MediaOne GOA TRIP - First Goa Trip

Its late to write again. So I decided to write on the Goa trip in brief. It was a well planed journey. which starts its inception when we all friends thought of a outing for the get-together during chrishmas. Thanks to GODFREY for his timely planing and arrangment of the Rent house and trip structure.Thanks to all the friends who adjust there valuable times for the trip and many thanks to Vicky who all the way come from udaipur.Not much to carry, we all set for the trip by the Bus from Andheri and most of us catch the bus at VAshi.Its a long 12 hour journey from 8pm to 8am next day. Through out the night we enjoyed a lot on the probability of bus not reaching,bus going hijacked like that robish stuff...we know some passengers get irritated but anyway we enjoyed ,afterall its just a day yaar, sometimes being naughty is a good experience. Well we reach in the morning at 9.30 am and Godfreys cousin is waiting with the Qualis(TOYATA) to receive us. So all off us reach the rent house after

Open Air

"Well done is better than well said." - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) A very nice quote stating the importance of doing things than to speak it up.So we all set out for that. Vikram arrived today at 11pm from Ahaemadabad. So I will not get a chance in GOA to update this blog anyway hope that I will update it after I retun. So all the best for all ..........I will be back Current song :"Chalte Chalte mere ye geet" Current mood : " tense but cooling now"

Packing not yet Done

All of us are in a very tight schedule to work out all those things which can be avoid while all we are in Goa. The arrangements for the Goa Trip is not yet done. but decided to buy the Volleyball and Snax from here only. Jayans brother and friends reached mumbai yesterday at 4pm . We had a dinner at Tirupati Prasad. Watched the Video clip which esytablished the fact the No man ever reached MOON it s a total Fake by the NASA. Current song : music now.... Mood :...........ummm cant say

Friends are allways there

"Badle na Apna ye Alam kabhi Jeeewan main Beechdenge Na hum Kabhi" It means We will never change and we will not be apart from all the friends till this life is there.We will always celebrate this day every year to come. Current Song :"Yadoon ki barat niklii hey dil ke dware" Current mood : "thrilling"

Artificial Researcher

Researchers said Wednesday that they have created the world's first robotic scientist, a system that can form theories, devise experiments, and then carry out the experiments almost entirely without human help. The system, say its British creators, did just as well as biology graduate students in solving a problem in genetics, according to an article in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. Although the system uses robotic equipment common in modern laboratories, this is the first time that a machine has carried out so many of the roles traditionally done by scientists.

Failure cant be ignored

* Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we wefail." Ralph Waldo Emerson Try Try and Try its the essence which force us to think. May it be any place any job u do, at the end of the day u r the winner . Only Honestly and truth stay forever, in every walks of life. Lessons learnt by all off us are there to share with others whome you trust. Suresh and Sumeet cancelled there Goa trip so that makes us very upset. Hope noone else will get the same excuse . Current song : "Koi kahe keheta rahe" Dil chahata hai Current mood : Cool

Cricket Fever

A very Nice Cricket Match after a long duration of not playing, due to lack of time. Made many new friends at shivaji Park all from the IT-nation team. Enjoyed the match. Mohun and me retuned back and had rest for 1 hour after that I come back to Typei for the project. Had my dinner here only at JDM. Send the scooter review file to Pri with the comparission between NOVA and the Honda Activa,Were I found NOVA is best in overall.The "splitting of light" project will be also summerise after this diary updated.which is to be submited on monday. Current song : "Har gadi badal rahi hai rup zindagi" (KHNH) Mood : Fresh and relax.

You need 8 hours sleep

Now writing this blog at this midnight,offcourse in the office. Weekend tomarrow so lets sleep late..ha ha. but Tomarrow I had to wake up early to go back to my room and get set for the Cricket match....hey hey. Mohun is also late for tonight and he will reach the room by 1pm . Every one is late today...all thinking of the weekend ,isnt it. Today Suresh made the usual and most expected statement that He is not coming for the " GOA TRIP" one member less for the trip.Now GODFrey in trouble. Current song : "Akele hain to kya gam hai" Currentb mood : Sleepy but not going to sleep.

Technology in Future

Often we think that we are much more advanced and make calls without wire (Wireless) ,without hand(hands free), withou letters witout post office the emails and messengers. Now i got to know about a new giizmo which can detect the pain in anyone. Its a chip invented in Holand which is inserted into some ones neck who wants to feel the pain each time some accident news flased on the net bassically on wellknown online news. Good way to feel ...dont we think we are enjoying those accidents also. is that the future we have for the technology .


A "SMILE'" Cost nothing,but it creates much. It happens in a flash, but the memory of it may last forever. It enriches those who receives it,without impoverishing those who give it. None are so rich that they can get along without it, and none so poor that they cannot be richer for its benefits. It creates happiness in the home,fosters goodwill in a business, and is the countersign of friends. Yet it cannot be begged,bought, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something,that is worth nothing to anyone until it is given away. In the course of the day,some of your acquaintances may be too tired to give you a smile,Give them one of Yours. ------- think we have onle one life to SMILE --------

growing strength

* I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. " Thomas A. Edison working yesterday on the new tool to analyze the html pages and create html pages from the Excell sheet is a tougher than toughest, but anyway reach some of the objectives. Sohel give his birthday dinner treat at SAi-darshan and all of us enjoyed a lot through out the night till we get to sleep at 2am.

Makar Sankranti....I am missing my Village

Today the Makar sankranti and I am missing my Village Kadampara ,a lot. Every year aranging the mucical competitions in the near by villages and award ceremoy for the Years best singers,farmer and whole day function (called as "MAkar Sankranti Mela"). May be some day I will make my village the most inspiring village. Su is gone to her aunts house to celebrate the festive occasion.I wished her and so she replied with a joyful wish. Current music : "Dil chahata hai" Mood : cool

Beyond the HYPE

All of us know that if you were on a mission you should be clear about your objectives. That is the essence which makes the NASA a forrunner in exploration of our GAlaxies. Good effort by the NASA to launch the mars rover, but somtime I doubt is that the reallity we know here in Earth. After i found out that the NASA had fooled people in 1960's that man landed on moon, I hardly belive the credibility of there mars landing. There is no doubt that they are Pioneer in the space explorations.

Thanks Su

At last Su talked saying she is not angry. Sohels Birtday celebrated. Tridib is not feeling well bcoz of his backache. I remain busy On the SBI Project for the whole day and also on my "Web-Mentor" project of e-learning.and uplaoded two NCTI courses. current music : " Zindagi Imtihaan letee hai"

I am tired .....of Asking help me

Asking GOD what goes wrong...but no answer ,I ask again someone but no answer. I am asking and asking but no answers ,I had allredy lost my energy now....I am tired . Current Music : "Pal Pal Dil ke pass tum reheti ho" "Sach mere yaar hai bus wohi pyar hai,jiske badle main to koi pyar de"

Bhagawat GITA- Upanishadh

What I heard is a unforgettable sound...the. Bhagawat Gita and the Upanishad that too from my best friend. And its not so long that I used to travel far to the state Library to get some insight into these holy books, not for any religious matter but to understand the universe from the ancestors view. IF the Upanishads can be compared to the cow, the Gita is their milk . So i hope I could get some knowledge from my friend "Su". May my old passion on these precious books get an updation and relaxation. "Karmanye wadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadachana" Iti
Too busy in my Projects. Cant make to get my blogs update. So what I do frm 2nd Jan to 6th is just a summery: Saturday(3rd) : Me and Suresh Had a vist to Times Of India Office and meet Pooja. enjoyed barista Coffey and then to Gateway for a beach drive. Sunday(4th) At Jayans home as he called me to gift me the diary(2004) and pen . Monday(5th) Whole day on Project Desk . Started my Diary writing. Tuesday(6th) Project Desk and then some realax at last. Had a chat with " SU" after a week. And also the Finalisation of our GOA trip . The stay schedules and site seeing by GODFREY, and all other coordinations by Me and Sohel. Thanks to Timely Schedule by Godfrey and Sohel. And thanks Jayan for the Fabulous Gift. Current Music " Akele hain to kya gam hai " frm QSQT

SBI Project get another Path

After too much discusion on the complications arised on the SBI Kiosk Project, The Project change its path towards Kiosk and online website both. So i changed my focus on to the xml file creation and its utilisation on various application. start with skins for winamp3. Hope to come out with some new inovation............ummm

Life is decreased by 365 days & the cute girl

Regardless of anything its terrific. I saw her while she started gazing towards me, with in just a second i noticed her through my left eye corner. with in a minute we r looking each other without noticing anything, and i am addicted to her activities. Ok Ok I really admit it ,no its serrious. she bowed her head and looks as if she want to come near. After pausing a while I waved back and she also replied back with a wave. And then it really happend that she smiled which is very cute.I mean it. things turn and her father called her, even then also she is like teasing me. hey it s really adorable when u r 2-3 years old and express ur self very efficiently like this kid. dont laugh ok Current song : "koi kahe keheta rahe" Current mood: "jumping " . Love begins with a smile,grows with a kiss,ends with a tear. When you were born,you are crying and everyone arround you was smiling Live life so that when you die,you are t
Current Music: "Aye kash ke hum Hosh main Aane na payen" The last day off 2003 gone with the blast of joy and thrill. We had the Dinner area with players....wao the Biriyani,Snakx............ The Whole night went great. Crakcers ,sirens,songs,bikes and all the sound stuffs.... The sms messages were not going (trafic Jam ) . Jayan says " Kya sabhi ko aaj he sms bhejna tha...pehele koi sms nahin bhejta tha kya" when we reach the resturant no place to sit all are full even we cant stand atleast." Some off the discussions gone to our Culture heritage ,some to the future which hold for the generations to come, Discussion on the validity of Horoscopes and the songs that makes us calm and even makes us to dance.................alll may we are dreaming . Dream what you want to dream, Go where you want to go, Be what you want to be......Because we have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do! I like these Line: the Letter sent by year 2003 I feel that soon everything between you and me is going to end.finished even if you want me i am not going to come into your life again! Yours Faithfully 2003