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Morning of 24h December

I get up early at 5am (just 30 minutes past now) and get fast on complete my morning activities to leave for IIT Mumbai. As scheduled by  my fellow yatris "Biswas" , We will get the Cab from Chembur to IIT POWEI . The Schedules are Pretty tight and  the session starts from 8am till dinner , after which we all Yatris of this Jagrit Yatra will board the Train.  Probably this is the last blog before boarding the train and connectivity and other factors will decide when will be the next day blogs get published. Till than TA-TA ---have a great Journey Rediscovering India with 450 diversified Yztris for the next 15 days. 

Day 1 - Facilitators Meet at IIT Powei

From Morning 9 to 7 in the Evening , there are these 50 facilitators at the IIT hall and making the best of social interaction. We got to know the Team of Jagriti Yatra, who are really really passionate to make this Yatra possible. For More info on Jagriti Yatra  Click at the Official Website at


Both Jitu and Me set out for the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol at IMAX WADALA THEATRE. The Tickets were high with Rs 350/-  but worth watching as always. Now the Dome IMAX was made up with the Flat Screen without any change in its life experiencing momemnts while watching movies like MI4 and AVATAR .(Last time in 2010 January). Well set into the Asian World on the Nuclear War Fare game between Russian and American Agencies , hacking each other path to decode the Arsnel .Ethan Hunt ( Tom Cruise ) and his team having Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton are racing against time to track down a dangerous terrorist named Hendricks(Michael Nyqvist) , who has gained access to Russian nuclear launch codes and is planning a strike on the United States. The Cinematography, the Amazing thrilling pictuarization and view of Dubai Al Burj Hotel Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates (the Tallest Building in World) will keep you engaged and sure feel you worth watching. A Brilli

Young Youth India And We the People

While I was travelling to Mumbai Met some of the Very Young folks in my Sleeper Couch of 17746 Puri to Lokmanya Tilak Train Journey . Vipin Singh and   Debashis . Both of them are studding Engineering at KIITS Bhubaneswar and are back to home for there Winter Vacation at Mumbai. There Discussions between them are the reflection of what they are experiencing , from the type of Studies and there Future aspiration to be a Naval Engineer or to Join Corporate House,  Are doing Engineering worth it when Software Companies like TCS, Infosys are hiring Mechanical Engineers for the Job in a Cubical with Computer Files rather than doing Automobile Engine Designs, To get into a  Foreign College who is Sponsor  the College fees with a return Air Ticket a Year or to make a decision of your own to set up own Enterprise...... Its the best of views and discussion that I am listening to , when I am just heading for the Jagriti Yatra 2011 with the sole motive of  Awakening the Entrepreneurial

All Set for the Jagriti Yatra 2011

" Sagar Main Uthne wali ..har leher ko salaam " ..... .Aaysi amazing koshish ko Salaam .....The Very Purpose of this Yatra(Jagriti Yatra 2011 (JY2011), travelling through the corners of India is a Dream Come True. Honestly  I am very much thrilled to take on the responsible Trip.(because its the responsibility to understand and do the best for India, once the Yatra Completse) . Sounds good :) While my earlier trips for the Beauties ( Himalayan Treks ), jelled well with the Passion to excel the Heights , JY2011 will take the Business & Social Entrepreneurship Passion alive.