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Its SUNDAY the FUNDAY, had my favorite IDLY-wada 2 plates....hummm, Sleept till 4 pm the sunday special sleep. Watch "THe SCORPION KING" and "FRIENDS " recorded Serial on MOHANS PC. Your kindness may be treated as your weakness, still be kind Your help to others may go unheeded and unnoticed, still be helpful If you are successful you win false friends and true enemies, still succeed Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable, still be frank and honest The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, still do good Your forthrightness may be treated as highheadedness or insubordination, still be forthright Your Virtues and values may mean little for people, still be virtuous. Your faith in God and love for humanity may be taken as orthodoxy and foolishness, still have faith in 'GOD' Current Song : "DIL AAJ SAYAR HAI" CURRENT MOOD : "blured"

AICC Compliance for Course

Workout whole day on Researching AICC Compliance of Course material. Asked help from the AICC forum and mailed some of the Forum Members. Narendra Shifted to the First Floor, for UserTech Project. While talking with Trptti Some of the wired ideas come on the JDM Bividh Barati or you can call it FM 91.5. Played a lot of TT today. Madhumita's Birthday had the Veg Rolls rolling into our mouth. Had a talk with Subodh , as he is quiting Job, for a cause which is well justified.(Preparing For some TOFEL aLike EXAM, Australian,).ALL THE BEST SUBODH. Nikhil is Little dull today work done on SAMLEARNING from myside. Well Tanmoy is managing all the resourses as usual. Ronnie asked me to Re-install WIN XP as its getting too much time on opening files. I wish will do it tomorrow. Naren,Sohel,Praveen,Siddarth all stay back in JDM. While Praveen make space in the site. I downloaded all the Logs till 28th May. Congrats SURESH for getting thro

Amazing just read it

THE PAOMNNEHAL PWEOR OF THE HMUAN MNID Aoccdrnig to rsceearh at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit any porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

Daily Bits

Yesterday from Office I went back to home after the lunch, as I feel very tired and Stomach pain. Reach home and straight went to bed ...slept till 7pm when Avinash called me up. Fresh up and go through some of my books.Called up Mohan for the dinner. WE had our dinner at Sai Darshan, and sat for 1 hour in the Park...discussing some irregularities going in Mohans office. Also planned for some Trecking in June,May be MATHERAN(Hill Station) Get to sleep at 12.20 am.


Saturday went quite well sleeeeeeeping zzzzzzzzzzzzz till 11 am in morning, though I went to sleep early (10pm) on Friday. After having Fresh up went upstairs to Mohans room, Suddenly we planned to watch all the DVD Movies we burned this week. So Started with the Thriller SOWRDFISH (staring JHON TROVOLTA,Helly Berry), In this futuristic technology spy movie, John Travolta plays Gabriel Shear, a man who is desperately trying to access information that is locked inside a complicated computer system that contains mountains of government secrets--and money. He hires Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman), a desperate computer expert, to help him hack into the system . Change taste to watch JOHNY ENGLISH (Rowan Atkinson,the MR Bean) thanks to the precision clowning of Atkinson and what is, until that last scene, the wittily nonchalant arrogance of Malkovich (who relishes in the cartooniest French accent in movie history), "Johnny English" earns enough raucous laughter to send audience


"Not getting time for updating this blog.Late night stay and R & D on new elearning Tools,Content Management Syatem,Learning Management Systems. This week went with tight schedule. Aaron Linn of TOL and other member from TOL(TrainingOnline,USA) were here in JDM for 4 days meeting,Training on the new LMS. Yesterday heard from Jishu that 'moti' is no more ,as she is extremly week for last two weeks.Jishu,Pawana,Manoj Bhai and Sesha were at Mathura yesterday when they called up. Current mood: 'Sleepy' Current Song : 'papa khete hain'"


Yesterday slept late after watching the movie KIL BiLL -2 in my PC.So feeling tired even in the morning and informed trptti of coming late in the office. So after having morning bath again slept till 1 pm .....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wake up at 1pm.Reach office at around 2.15 pm after taking my lunch at Sarvana.(Paratha ,Dal tadka).Remain on the SamLearning Project...the whole day . Current mood : Fresh Current song : Tumse Milke:

Cook somthing and give it a name

Yesterday went well with all the friends , Somehow I bluffed that I will cook today the so called Paneer Dopiazza ,and all get ready for the gala in Evening. Now what to do ...rights i called home to ask my mom ....she Laughed and laughed while my cellphone bill is running out,I telling her I will do the step u tell so no need to laugh ,,,,,but I too know it a time only to laugh...well after 3 mints of laugh she tells me the process and the ingredients required.When i reach the groccery shop half off the ingredient required for Paneer Dopiazza , were out off my memmory so what ever i remember just take it and ready for the evening.Well suni to insist me not to try with friends and even here also laugh ie heard.....uffff.Never loosing my instinct I too got all the best tag too from all except the whole bunch of friends who were present their......ha ha.The Preparation starts at Jayans Home, were uncle unty were present..with all the freiends ( Jayan,Naren,Avinash,Sidfdarth,Mohan,Suresh