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the Old Jungle book Song--Mogli-Nostalgic

Some of the songs like this one makes me nostalgic. I go back to my school years, to get a glimpse of those golden days of running out of school during intermission, fighting with near-desk friend on pencil and geometry box, ......I would like to do those things again ...Really I would love to do it. Oh my back day's I will be always there with you and I hope You to will be with me Forever to make me nostalgic again and again. Here is one of my favorite song, (aired in DD1 when there is no Sky-channels other than DoorDarshan ). The Lyrics is too catchy.. " Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai..chaddhi pehen key phool khila hai phool khila hai... ---". Download it here Current Mood: Nostalgic Current Song : Jungle Book

I deleted Comment from last blog

When things go wrong. As they sometimes will, Dont give up though the pace seems slow- You may succeed with another blow. Writing this blog in reference to my earlier blog named " Indian Idol " .I am sure this blog is also read by those who try to make my values down by commenting on my earlier blog with the use of Slang languages..just because they were unable to download the INDIAN-IDOL file from the link I had given in the earlier blog....they start commenting the blog with 90% slang words ....a proof of unsocialised and empty mind....fortunately this makes me aware of there values now let it be what they have in them......barking dogs sheldom bites .... There are many miles to go...I dont care of these empty minds. And commenting with other friends name, shows there desperation. Let them shout ....who cares. Criticising goes well when you have an open mind to suggest or discuss,and thats what Friends are to be. Even the harsh climate makes us strong in our value of L

Indian Idol.

The Real TV concept is catching fast in India . To everyone's surprise the pace of Real TV is surpassing even its American clone. A typical observation I had on the Final episode of Indian Idol between Abhijeet Sawant and Amit Sana . Both of then Sang two Hindi movies songs and a new one " Mohabaten Lootaoonga .." Abhijeet Chooses song's which are very female oriented...targeting female audience.(may be the cause of maximum vote. and he is from Mumbai ..the most densely populated and largest number of mobile subscriber in India) 1. Channa vey ghar aaaja re (kunal ganjawala) 2. Mere khyalon ki Malika Amit Sana mostly targeting male audience 1. Zindagi main koi kabhi aye na raba. 2. Woh Kisna hai. Download here INDIAN-IDOL final round [ in ZIP format:10.4mb ] No doubt both have there own style : Abheejeet grab the mike in left while Amit in right, (remember Lefty Rocks most ...the Big B for instance) . Abhijeet with soft while Amit with Rocky v