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On Top Of Himalayan Mountains

The Sarpass Trek i s one of the Toughest Treak in the Himalayan Ranges and due to the involment of the Local People and Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI) The Icy Himalaya is more than Beutiful and the Temptations are high to Explor e. Prateek is on a very Good Achivement Pose. Prateek with Achiever Pose

The Young India Optimistic

The India Of our thoughts , The India that is Shining is in real makeover. One of the fact that will be always a benefactor for the Youth of India is its Cultural Diversity and the Very essense of History that takes the Lead in every Indian Lifestyle. As One of Modern Days best Historian Micheal Wood presented this History of India in its epic Documentary names " The Story of India" ...that ... Only India had Preserved its Distant Past of 10000 years of History which is still Exist to show the Path for the Next generation of Young India . Truly Truly True.. Mini Ratha Yatra Celebration

Modern Agriculture Practices Saves Lot

During the past 5 years , I have witnessed the acceptance of technology by the Farmers , from whom I am Learning though the Traditional Ways of Agriculture. Paddy is always been the Limelight Crops , here in my Village and in this part of Eastern India. Surprisingly the Cost of 1 Quintil Good Quality Paddy is Rs 1083/- only This year and its even worse when you compare the Price of Paddy in West Bengal which is Around Rs 800/- to Rs 900/- for the same Variety.

The Rising Tempreture

This year the Heat Waves are much more hard hitting. said Jayanta Nayak a dry and Fried Nut seller , sitting on the Road side at Berhampur Market.

Ramchandi Konark Chandrabhaga

The Tranquil water of the River near Ramchandi is flowing downstream to the Bay of Bengal . One can get the Best Summer Vacation Boating out there to the Small Sea Island and Enjoy the Wide and Clean Sands. Sometimes there is a chance to see the Sea Turtles basking on the Island.

The Sideway Road that Leads to Bhubaneswar through Nandan Kanan

This is my Favorite crossing over from the Greenery of Botanical Garden and the Nandan Kanan Zoological Park, While Driving towards the Hi-tech City of Bhubaneswar .

Jitu's Marriage Scheduled

Jitu's Marriage Scheduled for the June Session. Hmmm I will have a trip to Rajasthan  Jitu Relaxing the Dal Lake Boat - Shikara Kashmir @ 2005