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Its Romantic - Love at First Sight

 The Clouds are on your feet, the Mystic dusky early morning with the showers of Dews on the leaves, spreading freshness of sunrise is the best time to warm up. For Last Couple of days the Atmosphere is tempting, asking me to explore more and more. The River does'nt have the flow of stream  the mistic air zipper through the eyes, While I took the melody of Jogging. Mystic River Side View Its Very Romantic ! Its Love at First Sight. A Snacks Lady -Village  Home Delivery Sun Rise @ Horizon The River  Add caption

Kerala and Taj Mahal Tops Indian's Tourist Search

The Most Favorite Travel Destination according to the People Seraches on Google is Kerala . While the White Marble Taj Mahal is the Most searched Tourist Place in India, the India Pakistan Wagah Border is l;isted as the third most Popular in 2012 Google Search. The Most Popular Destination Searches in the Year 2012 according to the Google Zeitgeist list in India is as Follows. Travel Destinations Kerala Taj Mahal Wagah Border Vaishno Devi Amarnath Kashmir Shirdi Rameshwaram Temple Munnar Gateway Of India

Zeitgeist list 2012 - Most Searched in Google

Google had listed down the most Popular Search results of the year 2012 in the Zeitgeist list 2012. According to the List the Most Searched Word is Whitney Houston. Following the her is the Viral South Korean Pop Dance "Ganganam Style" and the Hurricane Sandy to the third most searched in Google. There were 1.2 trillion searches done on Google in 146 languages, according to the Zeitgeist list . The Zeitgeist list 2012 - Most Searched in Google Whitney Houston Gangnam Style Hurricane Sandy iPad 3 Diablo 3 Kate Middleton Olympics 2012 Amanda Todd Michael Clarke Duncan BBB12