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Life is Like a Mail...

Current Mood : "Sleepy....zzzzzzzz" Current Song : "Looking to my eyes.."

check this ILLUSION.....

Stare at the gray dot in the center of the diagram below. Now move your head forward and backward towards the monitor. As your head moves closer to your monitor and then back away from your monitor, the circles will appear to be spinning. Current Mood : "Kooool" Current Song : "Woh Lamhen..."

Mangal Pandey : The Rising.

The story of Mangal Pandey’s rebellion didn’t need much to talk. Well after a long time this movie is watched with old friends.... JITU and ABHIRAM. Both Rani Mukherjee (who plays Heera, a prostitute in love with Mangal) and Amisha Patel (the widow who’s ‘protected’ by Gordon) have nothing to do — were these characters real or just added for the glamour quotient? Rahman’s score is a huge letdown except for the Mangal Mangal number. A Ah....May this be Made by Spielberg !!!!! Current Mood : "Kooooool" Current Song : "Let it be !"

Friends !!!

They Are Friends Allways .. Nice Pic. Be there !! Dont you dare to come up!! Current Mood: "Relax" Current Soong: "My heart will Go on.."


Saturday Movie! watched YAHAAN, enjoyed this wonderfull evening with lots of fun. ...Yahaan Is the present day story of an Indian Army captain who falls in love with a local girl in the paradise called Kashmir. Its Is the story of captain Aman (Jimmy Shergill) whose love provides her the strength to take on the might of the Indian Army, the bureaucracy and the militants.

Hai sabhi Kuch jahan main...

" Hai sabhi Kuch jahan main... Dosti hai Wafa hai... Apni yeh khush naseebi ki hamko saab kuch mila hai." I am fortunate to have so many of my friends,guiding me on every path i get stuck up! On the resignation matter recieved many feedbacks with supports. For all of them Let me put it in the following way: Its the last 3-4 years of my life which makes me so much into Technology that I hardly realised that I was drowning myself in the ocean of virtualist world. Things changed a lot, People changed on the track, moods changed but still the way I enjoy it and wan to Enjoy my precious Life on this green planet. Hope to go back sometime(in this november for 15-20 days) to the Ashram in Himanchal Pradesh, Kangada Velley , Where some of my my invaluable childhood memories remains.I would love to take a Relaxation from the virtual world of Computers,Mobile,bikes,TV etc... I will survive,I’m gonna make it through Just give me time, I will get over this No matter what I do, I we’ll s