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At Rajdhani Book Fare Bhubaneswar

After Techyog Team  Successful stint @ Baliyatra 2010 , where we got tremendous response from the people who are looking for there Website and Web Management Services. Here at the Rajdhani Book Fair also the feedback's are quite interesting ones, like we faced many query related to the Expired Website which are inactive due to the Service Provider changed Company name and not traceable. Its a good Platform for the Book Lovers and the Institutions like Multimedia training etc 

Doing Business in the United Kingdom, Bhubaneswar Event

I was one of the Invite to the "Doing Business in the United Kingdom" event organised by UK Trade & Investment, British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata and STPI, today in Trident Hotel, Bhubaneswar. The Event Focused on workshop making companies understand the benefits of locating and expanding their business operations in the UK. See Uk in India The Event was addressed by Mr Tony Collingridge, Head, Asia Pacific Regional Team, UK Trade & Investment, Hong Kong and Mr Mustaq Birader, Deputy Head of Mission, British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata. Mr D N Gupta, Secretary cum Commissioner, It Department, Government of Orissa. As this is one of my first such event , where I met the delegates, I was delighted to know the vast area of investment , and the prospects for a Indian Company(Small or Medium), who can look forward for a very bright Future in Foreign Partnership.