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Kaliya Ghai Bazaar Haata - On Way

Cuttack Niali Road - Clouds Monsoon Photography

The Clouds were amazing with the Horizon , Got tempted to shoot those snaps while on my way back to Cuttack from Niali. Its rain showers which is making uneasy for the photo shoot , but the view is amazing with beautiful landscape and the monsoons are full of unpredictable wonders: Current Mood : Monsoony Happy Current Song : O re maan wa tu tau Bawara hay..

Petrol Price Hike - Niali Bazaar

Its the second time petrol hike by the Govt. of India which led to the opposition into a call for the nationwide strike, for reconsideration. The logic is very simple , there is a boost in consumption of petrol and diesel, and there is a regular reduction of the crude oil, the Subsidy on petroleum is illogical. In Niali most of the shops were closed and I got a good chance to snap some of those standing silent shopping structures. Below are some of those pictures of Niali Bazaar with the famous Niali Haata ( the Weekly Shopping Fare).