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Disaster in Asia - Countries in Crisis- TSUNAMI

“ Hundreds of thousands of people fought to survive the tsunamis on Sunday. Now we need to help them survive the aftermath ,” said UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy. “ For children, the next few days will be the most critical .” The death toll from the Indian Ocean Earthquake and subsequent tsunamis on December 26 has exceeded 80,000 people in 12 countries from Malaysia to Somalia. 26th DEcember :: # 1982 - TIME magazine's Man of the Year was for the first time given to a non-human; a computer #2003 - Major earthquake devastates southeast Iranian city of Bam, with up to 43,300 killed, and 90,000 homeless; the citadel of Arg-é Bam destroyed. #2004 - A major earthquake and ensuing tsunami causes devastation in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Maldives and many other areas around the rim of the Indian Ocean. :: The Whole World is Surviving through 3 main Components . 1) AIR. 2) WATER. 3) FIRE. And they are Unstopable .... Song :

MUSIC of KISNA---Rahegi Sada Yahan Pyar ki ye Dastan

Listened the Music from the upcoming Movie " KISNA- The Warrior Poet " directed by The Showman of silver screen, Mr. Subhash Ghai. Out of all the 12 Songs in the Movie,I liked 3 Songs the most and got addicted to them. To my surprise I realised that the only 3 songs I liked were composed by A.R .Rahman and other 9 were by Ismail Darbar ( He had given the music for The Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Devdas ). The Three Songs are : 1. Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan . 2. My Wish Comes True (English) 3. The KISNA Theme Instrumental no 2. Someone rightly pointed out that A.R. Rahman's Music grows in you and you are forced to listen to them again and again. Honestly I love these Songs. Current Song : "My Wish Comes True...KISNA" Current Mood : Romantic...(In Italian Way )

Hum hain iss pal yahan

Can hear the ticking of Clock, I can hear the swift flow of air passing by....Everything seems stand still ,Sleeping in every two to three hour. One of the most boring chapter of my life going on. Well I would say When Destiny Calls We cant hide Ourselves.... What I did on 2nd of Decemeber is a Attempt of Exitement Which do resulted in a nightmare for me. One day or other it happens when you fall behind like I did.... Every mistake of us refine the way we look to Life..and hope I will. Went to the hospital for the Hard Plastering of my right Leg. One of the earlier remains of a glass piece in the foot created a flesh hole which the Doctor teared up and cleaned it before plastering. Had a talk with somi after 4 days. Her studies were going intrupted and the exams were near. Current Song : " Hum hain iss pal yahan " (KISNA) Current Mood : Relaxed

Spring is in the Air

Oh its Hard to Die ,When all the birds are singing in the Sky, cant jump and twingle on the road,Now that the spring is in the air, Little children everywhere....... I miss my Shoes and everything is clear. Feeling Sleepy zzzzz here in the Office. Its Sunday and for next 4 weekends no Movies at the theatre, would have to watch in my PC, DVD Player. Worked on the SAM Project While going through the News of the World. Current Song : " Rim Zim Geere Sawan" Current Mood : "Sleepy..zzz"

Musafir ..hoon Yaron

Yaahan Kaun hai tera Musafhir Jayega kahan...! The song sang by S.D Burman expresses all which we face in Life. There are certain moment of Life when we feel that there is everything with us and within a fraction of seconds you realised that There is Nothing...its a Illusion., Its my World...Its your World....I searching If there is and "Our World". Kadwa Sach hai ye ...."Hum Sab Musafhir Hain...Kaun hai yahan jo Apna hai.....Begano ki Duniya hai" Fractured my Right Leg on Thursday morning 9.30 am. Its was a second attempt by me to Cross the Barrier of 6Ft (the Cubical) ,which i did ..but ...somthing I missed before i jump..i.e I didnt checked out the landing place (the other side of the Cubical), where my own Own Chair is waiting fro me to jump and get ?H?URT.....which Did Happen... I was rushed fast to the nearby Hospital By the help of Nikhil and TANMOY . The Right Foot rightmost bone get a Fracture in two places.Hence a soft Plaster is wrapped on the le

Ravi's Marriage ...Delhi..

Ravi s marriage went very well (28 th) and on phone he said he was expecting more of our Media friends there in Delhi but the fact that everyone is so much busy in there jobs that its understandable. From our group it was Jitu and Brijeswarji who were there in his Marriage, Million thanx to them . Jitu went from Mumbai -->INDORE -->Kakroli(rajesthan)-->Delhi (Attended Ravis Marriage) --> and now heading towards Kashmir (Shirinagar) where he will meet Sarvar and Idris. .According to the talk I had with him on the Phone ...He has planned to stay for 4 days in Shrinagar, will visit Shalimar and Nishat Baag, Dal Lake, Carrare Sherif, Gulmarg and will go to Vaishnu Devi with Brijeshwarji on return. Ashish is still on leave on account of his severe Typhoid for the past two weeks. The SAM Project is going fast with much more alteration and editions going on. Zubin now a days enjoing some of the Rock music from Bryan Adams and Roxxete. Nikhil and Tanmoy returns back to mumb