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Untold Dark History of the Gold Industry | Full Documentary | TRACKS

Moringa Benefits Review

 As Per Ayurveda (Ancient Indian Medicinal Litreture And Book ) Moriga Is Great For Many Health Benefits Including Lowering Blood Pressure, And Helpful In Managing Depression, Anxiety, And Fatigue.

Winter Run with Kids


Rooftop Solar Design Cyclone Resistance Cyclone Resistance

Installation of Rooftop Solar - OFF-GRID has done. The Capacity is 1 KW supported by two 160AH Batteries (Eastman) and a 1KW 24 Volt MPPT Solar Inverter from Microtek. While Designing the Rooftop Solar System, Many Aspects were taken into Consideration like the Optimal alignment, the Movable Factor to Resist regular Cyclones hitting our area and the Recent one - Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani (see here ),  etc. Also, the Design is made in such a way that, the P anels can be used as Study Table during the Night time. See here.    Cyclone resistance designed rooftop solar in Odisha   On Paper Design for Rooftop Solar System - Cyclone Resistance Folding System

Lagaan DVD Collection

Its nearly 19 years since Lagaan - One of the favorites in Bollywood history released. The Film specifically shows the real sentiment's of India an its people. It shows the team sprit , the passion and the dedication that brings success. This is true for life as well as in the Corporate Business scenario too. In the year 2010 the DVD Collection of LAGAAN released and its worth watching ! O Paalan hare --- Song is an ultimate devotional song that i love to listen again and again . Learn More about Lagaan here