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Lord Jaganath in Many Forms

Yesterday I got the sms from Avinash, on the well being of the Earthquake which was just happened. But I was totally unaware of that , until I get the news feeds from Google. Though I didnot felt its Impact, Some of the guys at TECHYOG did told me its Shakes in the night. Like we do dress ourselves with new and regular garments, the Lord Jaganatha (Lord Vishnu in the Form of Jaganatha in Orissa state), do the same. Well the dress , in which Lord Jaganath were decorated is in very many forms like the Nagarjuna Bhesaha and the Suna Bhesa. There are all 32 dress styles in which Lord Jaganatha make there presence through out the Hindu Calender year. Today is the last day of Lord Jaganatha Celebration in the form of all the idols in different dress. Had snapped all of the bhesa(The Ancient dress style). The Decoration of the IDOLS were very unique and really splendid. The Yagya Kunda Temple , created with bamboos, Straw and the colorful cloth pieces are brilliantly designed. Its some form

At Niali for this years 2nd visit

Was at Niali, my In-laws place for the 2nd casual visit. Today visited the newly discovered old village of Jayadev Pitha. Its the place were I was astonish to find out on my way , when I discovered a newly constructed small bridge, connecting the main road to the Ancient site. Myself , Rinku and Chinmayee went to have a look around and get carried away by its florished and yet to be discovered peaceful gardens, by the Orissa tourist. Though the Govt of Orisa , under the guidance of CM Naveen Pattnaik is making there best efforts on restoring the ancient architecture and the sacred place, the People who are conserving it were seems reluctant to make it happen or bored by nothing. while I am writing this post , I was served by Rinku's friend, the best aromatic Coffey in the Cyber cafe. Honestly this is the most avoiding part for me. Some how its the hospitality you get in the inlaws area....but its really something uncomfortable. So I will put an end to the post here and will upda

Mud Slide Wall View

On the onset of Monsoon, the Rivers were full of huge and huge volumes of water with rushing out each inches of mud. And in that cross over a very decent pattern comes out of the river walls , after it dries out in Summer. " Are OO Sambha ... Kitna Inaam Rakhe hain Sarkar Hum pe " The view was splendid when the realization of the fact that this is the height that the Water flows fast and whoever gets a slip chances of survival( Last year two of my village Kids fell down and never get up) Current Song: Ring my bell... Enrique Insomiac Current Mood : Cubic Last food taken : 5 salty cashew nuts

Kathajodi River Biking and hiking

The Repairing work for the Maliya bandha is on its way, so that before the Floods (Mostly in July) , the River basin get the concrete walls. 55000 People live in Bayalish Mauja, the Island of 42 villages as it was called. Our Village Kadampara is the hardest hit from the Floods in Monsoon. As the TECHYOG office closes at arround 9.30 am we set out for a biking to see the work on the River wall, with the bicycle ride towards , one of the most enchanting rivers of all time - The Kathajodi. The same river makes a terrific record for being very harsh in the monsoon ( last year two youngster met with death in the river), but its one of the lively river to be watched, observe on its banks and feel the tranquil silence of water flowing through. Observing the thin steam of river water in this hot summer morning , through out the day is really worth it. I feel the best of inner self looking throgh the long steatch of dry river with the thin layer of water flowing in peace, Village farmers ro


On my previous Post I had wrote my bad experience with the Vodafone Customer Care and sent the complain to the higher Authorities one day back and now the matter is been solved with a valid reason to share. The reason , as told by the correspondent from Vodafone, that there was a problem with the BSNL service that Vodafone shares. Well the matter got solved and I can get in touch with the Ladhak now. Thanks again to those who Make Vodafone Proud. Still some of the Doubts remain: What steps does the Vodafone Executive had taken to avoid such practices in future : 1. The Customer care (Who Fakes the Service - Said it was solved on there log book) 2. The indecent behavior by the Supervisor(in Customer Care) - to Cut off the Phone call with frustration . 3. Why should a Person Wait for 12-15 days for a simple Problem , that finaly solved in a day. Should the Vodafone Customer care system need upgradation??? Looking Forward for the Answers and Thanks again to All those Vodafone People who

Vodafone Worst Customer Service [Complain no 25326658] : A Personal Experience 11 days went witout any Solution:

[Complain no 25326658] I was in a great lead of passion that I was a associated as a customer to the Worlds leading Mobile Network Vodafone. The brand itself makes the faith and belief in quality. Problem : I was not able to call Ladhak numbers ( STD code : 01982) Complained on 6th of March: SOLUTION : No Call back yet and without any Trace. CUSTOMER CARE : Pathetic. People doesn't have any Idea on the matter and there concerned departments never get back with solution. If you had chance to have a talk with the Supervision its even worst , as they doesn't even know the best practices in corporate world: they just get frustrated and just cut out the Customer Complain Phone and will ban you from calling again from the same Cellphone ....Really really Pathetic. (How does the VOdofone hire these maniacs ???) But I was surprised with the customer service of its in India. The thing of beauty is not forever as my last experience. I was been a victim of bad Corporate ethics, the worst

Morning Shifts For TECHYOG

From today onwards we open the TECHYOG office at early morning 5am. Feeling better with fresh morning. The Powercuts were continuous in TECHYOG Village. An avarage of 8 hours daily power cuts making the development work stand still. So from yesterday , team member decided to have our daily routines in odd hours , for the time being : Morning 5 am to 8am Evening 6 pm to 9pm

Holi 2010 at Kadampada 42 Mouja Cuttack

Holi - the Festival of Colours is celebrated all over India and by the Indians in many other Countries. In Orissa The Festival Holi is celebrated with the Much awaited Yearly Festival of DOLA JATRA . Here are some of the Holi images from my village. COLD Sweet drinks and Fruits were mixed to make a Tasty Holi Recipe : In Orissa Villages the Dola Jatra is celebrated with a unique Event of Village Gods. Idols of Village GOD were decorated on there Moving Cars (The Bibhana) and were joined by many of the Village GODS car with the regular dance and music celebrations.