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Mumbai Down under Water!

Highest-ever monsoon rains flood Mumbai The strongest rain ever recorded in India shut down the financial hub of Mumbai, snapped communication lines, closed airports and forced thousands of people to sleep in their offices of walk home during the night, officials said today. Police officials said landslides had killed at least 59 people and buried 130 in India's western Maharashtra state following flash floods caused by the monsoon rains. "The death toll from landslides across western Maharashtra is 59 ... but the number could rise as at least another 130 have been trapped," said an official in the chief minister's office. Current Mood: "Watching!!!" Current Song: "Kuch tau hua hai."

Given Resignation !

YEah its the time to say a good bye, Its the time to Quit.On 21st I had submitted my Resignation letter and decided to quit after 1 month. Dear Ronnie, Please accept my resignation effective Monday, August 22nd. (Exactly after One month)My two-year tenure at TYPEi, has been the most challenging and rewarding period of my career,and I regret having to make such a difficult announcement. I feel very fortunate to have been associated with JDM.Both you and my associates in TYPEi have taught me a lot,what's more, I've come to regard those I work most closely with as a second family.Honestly I have enjoyed working with you and have learned a great deal.Thank you for all your help and your many personal kindnesses. My experiences and training have been invaluable, and I leave with many pleasant memories. Sincerely, Saumendra. Current Song: "I hope.." Current Mood: Calm

Quote of the month!

A very good Quote on Love!! • When you feel cold and warm at the same time, when you read over the same line for the tenth time, when your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme, and when a simple name conquers your whole mind, then you are in deep trouble my friend... you are in what they call, "love". -Philippos Aristotelous Current Song: 'Kajra re' Current Mood: Romantic

Remembring Matheran trip!

Sometimes we drag towards the future and sometime we say in hindi " Jata lamaha tham jaye,waqt ka dariya behete behete ise manzhar main jam jaye"...means ... Time is a wheel of constant motion , somtimes we wish to go back of time ..... 2003 July Matheran Trip .

Its my Birthday!! again

Hey my Birthday went well on 14th!! sonu wished me at sharp 12 after my sister's wish at 11.56. and One best thing of this birthday is I got another friend, Renuka here in DIGIT with the same day of birth.(Rare and difficult to get a friend with the same birthday, isn't it!!. THE DAY(14th July) IN HISTORY * France and all French dependencies - Bastille Day [FRENCH REVOLUTION] * Iraq - National Day * Kiribati - Independence Day, 3rd day, not a holiday * Sweden - Birthday of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, an official flag day A very sweet greetings sent by Roju! Love to include it here. thankfull to all the wishes given by my friend and colleagues.. A Birthday party on 15th given by Jitu( I hope I culd have paid it ) at Preethika resturant with Sohel,Sani,Ajit,Jitu and Me. Fortunate to meet Abhiram,Pooja and Suresh with a very good treat given by Pooja(Again I hope I culd have paid it). Current Song: " Tu Ashqui hey"

Have u ever Tired!

Have u ever Tired! Smell the peace !!!!! No tension !. Current Mood:"Tempt" Curent Song: "Tujhse naraz nahin Zindagi"