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Balijatra 2010 in Cuttack trade Fare

The Trade season strats in Odisha with the Kartik Purnima , when Trade fares like Balijatra in Cuttack , and now in Paradeep were organized. Like many others in the Trade fare I was bit optimistic on the branding of my Website Creation small unit - the TECHYOG . While TECHYOG is the only unit with Website Promotion stall out of the 830 trade stalls in the Fare, I expect some good results with the ROI.Here is how we created the simple banner for the Trade show. The Trade fare will be active till 30th of November , after which the Shift will be to Bhubaneswar Circle Trade Show.

दीपावली फोटो शूट - घर Pariwaar

For the IT Next Photo Profile Shoot at bhubaneswar, for the magazine NEXT 100 I picked up Padma (the Photographer) and reach residence of Sri Mukesh Mishra (A.G.M -Revenue & IT). While the Situation at my end was very hectic for the family Deepawali festival at home, where the whole community, our Joint Family , get together for the Grand Dinner, and the Photoshoot was to be done today as Mr। Mishra is leaving for Hyderabad tomorrow. Mr.Mukesh Misha is very down to earth person , and very cooperative with us, also sometime very Shy even . Overall it was a very good time , watching the Photo session and having Diwali sweets at ther residence. The food prepared is really delicious and the taste multiplied due to the get together. Crackers and fireworks are the usual part of Deepawali festival, including the special home made Dosa called "Pithaa" and other Oriya Sweets apart from the variety of Sugar candy Sweets , which were present in the form of Animal and ot