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A meeting with Jitu Movie And Outings

Saturday: Went to VT for a walk around. With me is Sani and Jitu .  Jitu is here in Mumbai after 3 months and he will be here for a week.  Went to see the movie ANACONDA : the Blood orchid at Sterling. Not a movie to appreciate in any class of Hollywood.  Had a walk through the Lamington road to Purchase the novel : Hitch Hikers guide to the galaxy Dogulus Adams , ..luck seems to be far, and only I could manage to see the second part of the book at a book store.  On asking the store person assure me that he will anyhow bring that book by Tuesday.  Had an extensive talk with Jitu while enjoying the VT Dinner at a nearby Restaurant., had Veg biriyani , Hakka noodles , Ice cream , Falooda etc .  Jitu purchase two books One the Limca book of world records and another on the A short  History on nearly Everything by a British writer. Bill Bryson. Return home by 11pm. Again Viky cant make it to Mumbai in spite of all the commitments. Hope the next weekend will favor him.  While we went t

A talk with Somaya

A long Marathon Sleep till afternoon and then a playarround with some of the Kids nearby. Got a good news that Somya get addmission into the Elect. enginearing at Silicon hill Bhubneswar. I called Indraxi cell and had a talk with Somya after 6 month. Some time its is good to have a cool temper even you u know u cant.

Hazaron Rahen Mood ke dekhen::

No matter what walks of life you travel u will be sure of one thing. that hope is your dearest friend . There is nothing left to tell. All of a sudden something goes wrong and you were in a middle of JinX.  Everyone seems to be scared around. but Two good news from Pri(varada ) regarding her confirmation on admission to the IT Branch makes me happy. From Tuesday its a regular practice now to have a morning meeting of our Technology and Backend team at sharp  The day went as usual with hectic schedule and deadline to meet. Ashish and Zubin working under Ronnie on a Remote Flash integration system, and getting amazing results. Tanmoy ,Saif, Nikhil and me are on the Sam learning project. Everyone of my friends are fine. Jayan left just an hour before to Kerala by flight for his arrangement on the upcoming marriage.  Jitu reach Mumbai today morning and SMS me of his arrival. On my call back he confirmed that he will stay for only a week hear and will be back to Kakroli(Rajesthan)


You respect them, You respect the values and the people you are with. Things goes fine when you are in favour and suddenly it seems the world is not enough ..... So be prepare and try to avoid the values you learn in the school and from parents...thats what Mumbai life prefers. The hell out of anything. Current mood : "Off" Current Song : "mute"

Repeated Lost

I reach office at 8.30 am, sign the Muster, reach my cubicle , started my machine to check the mails. After 20 min , an accounts person named Pravin More , comes to me asking did u lost your wallet...and thats true I did....when i search my jeens. "It was lying on the Reception table" he said. Oh no ...I missplaced it again after Friday. He saw my name on the HDFC Debit card in my wallet and reach here in my bay. "Thankx a lot ..Praveen " I said , modestly he went off with a welcome gesture. . Current Song : "No songs" Current Mood : "Monday Fresh"

Something is going on

Somethings going on, I don't know what I did, But it worked out fine again, Got you in my path, It sounds , It's gonna be alright again. I found out the best i am searchin, I found out ron auk in the path to destiny. Who cares about us anyway? Something's going on......I dont want this to die Dont want to ever forget this, To hurry you would be a crime Lets take our time. At last I got to Se "SHOLEY" in the Big Screen at IMAX Vadala. Its worth watching. During the show it seems all were in a compitition to spoke up the dialogues...everyone njoying with muttering the dialogues.... This is the only film I guess People remember each and Every character even the Horse name "Dhano" and access to dialogues. Current song :"Dil Chahata hai kabhi na beetye ye din" Current mood: "I could say anything"

Every one is doing it.

Athens Olympics is on and with a Rajyavardhan Rathore's silver medal Indian name added to the medal list. Have you ever been to a concert and someone starts to applaud and very soon everyone is doing it. Try it yourself. Next time you are at a recital or something wait till the end and initiate the applause yourself. It is amazing when everyone follows you. One at a time at first but then is escalates.Why do people bet on the favourites of a horse race day in day out often losing vast sums of money? It is because we feel that we are safe if "everyone is doing it". Woke up at 6.45am while alarm set for 7.16am. Browse through the Times of India, while listning to Radio City FM music, the weather is calm and quite with blured sunlight and fresh air. After 15 days I wrote my Diary with pen, really sad to be irregular in my diary writing habbits after i switched over to this online diary. Had my bath and get some of my dress ironed. had breakfast in Shivum accompanie

Enemy at tnhe gates.

Fortunate to see the movie "ENEMY at the GATES" in my PC. The true story about Vassili Zaitsev , a Russian sniper credited with over 140 kills during the Battle of Stalingrad, as documented in the 1973 book, Enemy at the Gates, by William Craig (although the book is not credited in the film, the official site does mention it). The Battle of Stalingrad was one of Nazi Germany's biggest failures, losing over 250,000 soldiers in fatalities, with another 100,000 other soldiers captured. The movie is awesome ..with excellent ..cinematogrphy, Current music : "Akele hain to kya g Mood :" Sleepyp ppppp zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Re Shuffling..... TYPEi Team.

Its monday and every one on there fresh mood of work. Heavy rains make some of the team members absent in the office. Suddenly some activities on the second floor paced upp and everyone seems to be in motion. Slowly everything gets clear... that reshuffling of Learn Team started and everyone in downstairs shiffted to the second Floor. Except the Marketing team Area everyones setup moved. I shiffted to join the cubical of Zubin and Ashish . Trptti and Hakim shifted to the new cubical. Honestly I was hurt leaving the place and also a great humouristic companion. The cubical will always be in memory for the Jokes , the Humour , the Songs I play, and I learnt a lot , get inspired and even get a very good friend. The process of shiffting runs atleast for one -two hour. The Second floor now looks crowded and it got a active life with the DJ's like Viren and Irfan . Tridib,Narendra,Aliasgar,Raj,Sutapa,Aichin,Viren,Susi,Ellizabeth, Rupali,Kusum,Sameer and Chandu all in the second floor.

Power cut .. JDM

I still not finished the novel " Maneater of Jassapur" but could see some of the storyline streaming through my dreams. I could she the mesh of Jungle,the tigress and the hunters creating a roar screen of tales like it happens in this rare novel. Yesterday was a bit relaxing day in JDM not everyone wants it but everyone had to relax as a series of Power cuts happening through-out the day. The Servers were down and Ronnie,Praveen,Ajay..were trying there best to avoid ... come on yaar sometimes all the staff needs some time to relax... Finally 5.15pm is declared as the office off time when all the servers will be down , the news spread like a wild fire , everyone quited there respective seat 5.15 rarely we could find anyone near the office except out Tech team. So most of us jumped to the Table tennis base and played lots of matches till we get the green signal from Ajay to start the server. Current Mood: Fresh Current Song : "morning tunes"

Aye kash ke hum..

Contrast colors do look cool with the other supplement color. Thats right to the human thoughts too. The past week of mental toughness get relax a little.. some how manage to put the thoughts out of my head .Its true when you share joy it increases many fold and when you share sorrow it decreses many fold. Thanx to my well listner friend to give this advice. The weekend goes with three DVD films I had with me . The Lawrence of Arabia , The Great Escape and The Guns of Navarone . Three classics and I liked the Picturisation/screenplay of The Lawrence of Arabia most. The photography is so perfectly adapted to the wide screen that it couldn't possibly make sense on television. Any network executive who screens this film has committed a crime. I'm amazed how real everything looks: almost every shot is so convincing one thinks it couldn't possibly have been planned, yet so perfect, it must have been. -But once I begin to praise the elements of the film one by one I will n