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Himalayan trekking Preparations starts

Preparation for this years Himalayan Trekking starts from today. With the Daily Wake up at 6am , 2km mini jogging , water treatment to the Knees and foot. Evening Gym and Cycling are getting the best of Sweat and freshness to rejuvenate the whole body. 2010 himalayan trek Himalayan Mountains are always the enigmatic structure that brings heavenly atmosphere whenever I think of it . And doing the trekking for 7-10 days on those majestic Mountain passes and peaks is worth experiencing. No one can describe the Himalayan climate with its enchanting Beauty than experiencing it. SARPASS TREK 2010 - SAUMENDRA CAMERA SP2 Last years Himalayan Trek from the Himachal Valley of Kasol is amazing and the Memories are never ending adventure of life time. Get Set Go: Current Song : I am Alive.. Celine Dion Current Mood : Enigmatic