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Smile is Infectious - Future Entrepreneurs

Snapped by chance and the Kids are too intelligent .. Smile is Infectious ..

Learn How You can Build Windows 8 Apps

Here is a open Invitation Chance for  Academic, Architect, Designer, NonProfessional Developer, Pro Dev/Programmer and Software Tester's who want to learn the basics and Advanced features of Newly Launched Windows 8 Platform. This Microsoft Events will enable the Proffesionals to Build there own Windows 8 Apps for the Global Market. Even there were Prizes to be Won on Best Windows 8 Apps, build on the Microsoft Metro Platform. The Online Training Starts from 21st November to 25th November 2012. Do Register yourself first with the Microsoft Open ID. Check out the Details of these Training here.

2012 Build Windows 8 Apps Training Schedules

Here is the Snapshot of the Best of Build 2012 , Windows 8 Apps Training Schedules. This Training could enable you to make apps for the Windows surface  Developing a Windows Store App,  The Microsoft Design Language, Security in Windows Store Apps,  The Story of state: App Data, settings, and the process life cycle,  From Zero to hero: Building Windows Store game in HTML 5

Chatra Bazaar Cuttack Morning View

Morning Refreshing Vegetable Market - Chatra Bazaar :

Cancer Drug Tablets will Cost Less

Thanks to the Awareness of Generic Medicine by Satayameva Jayate Episode and Strict Patent Rule by the Govt. Of India, with Support from the Drug Major Cipla, The Cancer Patients will get a relief from High cost Cancer Medicines. Cipla is said to be Slashing Price of Life Saving Cancer Treatment Drugs.  Erlocip will now cost Rs 9,900 for thirty tablets against its earlier price of Rs 27,000 Docetax used for treating breast cancer, head & neck cancer, gastric cancer and bladder cancer will now cost Rs 1,650 instead of Rs 3,300 Capegard cancer drug that treats breast, colon and colorectal cancer will now be available at Rs 600 for 10 tablets instead of Rs 1,200 Notable is the fact that Indian Pharma Company NATCO was allowed to sell the drug at a price not exceeding Rs 8,880 for a pack of 120 tablets , which otherwise cost a Wooping Rs 2.8 Lakh when directly sold by the German Patented NEXAVAR DRUG.

Nexus 7 eBay Diwali Offer 2012

The Nexus 7 Tablet from Google with ASUS is now available in India with the Festival Diwali (Deepawali) Offer 2012. Ebay India is Providing wide range of Offers for this Deepawali from Sony to Samsung, Apple to Micomax Brands. My Favorite Out of the Nexus7 Variant is the 3G and wiFi enabled 32 GB Model , which is Priced at Rs 24,750 by eBay , under the Diwali Festival Offer. Do Check out other Ebay India Tablets deals here.  

Sony Diwali Offer 2012

The 2012 Diwali (Deepawali) again brings lot of Prize to be won from SONY. The Prize consist of Head Mount Display, Sony Tablets, Sony Xperia Smartphones and BRAVIA TV.  Terms and Conditions Sony Diwali Offer ("Offer") is a limited period offer valid from 16th October, 2012 till 20th November, 2012 both days inclusive (“Offer Period”), from Sony India Private Limited (“Sony India”). The offer is valid from 15th September, 2012 till 20th November, 2012 in the States of West Bengal, Assam and Orissa only. The same offer is valid from 16th October, 2012 till 20th November, 2012 in other states of India. However this offer is not applicable in the State of Tamil Nadu and Kerala The Contest is open to citizens of India resident in India only. Employees of Sony India Pvt. Ltd. (“Sony India”) Sony Entertainment Television (SET), Sony Pictures (SPE) and its affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate. C

CTS-2010 Standard Cheque Sample Image

It is now mandatory for banks in India to strictly issue standardised and enhanced new format of cheques called CTS-2010. The CTS-2010 Standard cheques will be replaced within 31st December 2012. So it is necessary for all to understand how your new cheque format looks like. Read the Benifits of CTS-2010 Standard Cheques here.  Below is the Sample of CTS-Standard Cheque issued by RBI(Reserve Bank of India). If you are not having the CTS-0Standard Cheques, Please consult you Bank to Process the availibility before December 31st, 2012.

Benifits of CTS Standards 2010 Cheque System INDIA

The benefits of CTS Standards 2010 Cheque System are many. As per the RBI, the introduction of imaging and truncation under CTS-2010 system, the physical movement of instruments is replaced by the electronic movement of images of cheques, which speeds up the the process of setlement and can facilitate reduction in the clearing cycles as well. Moreover, there is no fear of loss of instruments in transit. Further, limitations of the existing clearing system in terms of geography or jurisdiction can be removed, thus enabling consolidation and integration of multiple clearing locations managed by different banks with varying service levels into a nation-wide standard clearing system with uniform processes and practices. CTS Standards 2010 Cheque System also benefits issuers of cheques. Use of images obviates the need to handle and move physical cheques at different points. The scope for frauds inherent in paper instruments is, thus, greatly reduced. The Corporates if needed can be