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A trying

Morning seems very calm and the temprature is down.cold breeze passing through my ears, standing at my rooms balcony ..I made a call to home. This is one of the call I am prepared for, to tell my parrents about my Leg fracture incident ,which is now heeled 70%. Lucky enough that my mother pick up the phone and I asked how is she ? and the reply " Its so many days(calling home after a week and 3 days) you didnt called and you r asking how am I ..first you tell how you are?" I said " I am fine " she then told me that she is bed ridden for last 4-5 days , for her left leg get an nervous stress pain . so cant walk and expecting to get a call from me ,,now a little better I can walk ...slowly ...,even Jishu try to contact me but cant get the phone-line free ." ...listenning this I was lost to think what to tell..... And she transfer the phone to Jishu who told me that She is getting daily injections and medicines and will be recover fully with in 2-3 days. Th

Online PANCARD n Swadesh

Watched much awaited movie Swadesh-We the People in IMAX ADLABS Late night show, though the ticket is bit costly (Rs 170/=), but its worth watching.The music is refined and shows A.R Rahmans mark. Some of the talks to compare it with LAGAAN is bullish. Each of them were of diffrent era and dipicting diffrent scenario's. Swadesh cant reach the hight which LAGAAN did but its a movie with a diffrence. Return to room by 2am . Also watched : : Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind : - Kate winslte, Jim Carry (best in serious Act) Applied online for the PAN-CARD . Good to have online Application submission for PAN. Didnt have to roam through the IT department ,just fill up the form online, get a print out of aknowledgement reciept and sent it to the MUMBAI PAN-CARD office with a Signature on it. Thats it! After verification YOU will get your PAN card,within 5 days. Current Mood: Loved Current Song : Vande Mataram (Revival A.R.Rahman)

Heartbeats Unknown::

Unfortunately I Have to restrict on a serious matter untill May2006 . All done and decided mutually and will be in a line of understanding, till I return back to Bhubaneswar. Gone week news Siddarth and Sohels Birthday. Jayan Come back from Kerela after marriage. Abhiram also reach Mumbai and will be here at his Naval base for sometime. (his birthday on 29th ) Suresh Purchased a new Laptop(COMPAC 2200 Presario = Rs 45000/=). Narendra joined with Bimal UniKrishnan Company named Visual Studio. Mohan enjoying his holidays in Chennai. Ronnie Marriage Party attended. MOVIE: :Lost in Translation: Scarlet Johanson, Bill Murray. Humourstic and Scarlet Johanson looking awesome. Current Mood: Optimistic Current Song : Vande Mataram (Revival A.R.Rahman)

More of Cuttack News::

It was so nice to know that My village( Kadampara ), fellows donated a sum of money for the Tsunami Relief fund by cutting cost to the Makar Festival and also dedicating this years festival to the memory of all those unfortunate people.True to the fact that they experienced the furry of Nature in the form of Super cyclone (Wind recorded fastest speed of 310 Km/h , World record ,1999 October 29th). One more murder of "Rakana Gang" member news did make a jolty impact this month in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The furry of 2000 gang war in Orissa returning back again.specially the Khurda-Cuttack-Dhenkanal Zones.. Movies: Charlies Angel 2- Drew Barrymore,Cameroon Diaz Current Mood: Annoyed. Current Song : Akalye hain to kya gum hai...QSQT.

Recovered from the Wild.

Recovered 60% from the Fracture in the right Leg: Mr. Doc. told me there is two option either to go with Replastering or will use Hard bandage(Creap ) for next 3 months. Then the realisation of past one and half month makes me ready for the second option. Wathed the movie RainCoat at Meghraj: Movies: Ajay Devgan,Aiswarya.. Slow but intelectually made. Whole credit to Ritupurnasen gupta. Current Mood: Cool Current Song : "Hum logon ko Samajh sako to"

I hope You Dance::

" Time is a wheel in constant motion always,Rolling us along, Tell me who, Who wants to look back on their years and wonder, Where the years have gone " I hope you Dance ...I hope You dance... When all the birds are singing high ..Its Hard to Die !. well I am back to Office , this time without Crutches..Walking Slow and steadily (A little jerky pain does shake up in between). Walking on my own ,without any external support after a month and 4 days. A feeling of some exicitement , something that goes beyond limit...I was sooooo happy. Fact remains the same with one of the fracture heeled up while the other with 20% heeled. Warm water treatment (Twice/Thrice) daily is advised by my Doctor. The medicines with the precuation will heal the big crack with in a time span of another 5-6 months. So no more hurry on jumps and 'Runs. I make Lies to my parrents all along the whole month , telling them I was fine..(ofcourse was fine eccept my right leg..)..but a lie