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Football Season n Rocking Brazilian!!

Its a football season and I cant stop my temptations! Its Brazil all the way to won the confederation cup ...Hope they would retain the world cup Title, scheduled next year. The way they maintain the game is unique in itself. The small passes , the gentle twist and the rhythm of joy that the Brazilian share is outstanding in any match they dance with flamboyant image, they enjoy the game like no other country enjoys...they deserve the Cup!!!! hurayy All the best for the team.

MediaOne !

The days were as hectic like another day. After a long silence our Media One Group comes live with comments and cross talks from suresh,Jitu,Sohel,Sumeet,Puja,Avinash,Anish. All claps to Suresh for the initiations. Here in Office Again after a Long time the traditional Monday Meet is organised. Its the meet where all the new members of the company get an Introduction and some of the weeks/ now the months highlights were put forth! Yesterday saw Ram Gopal's "D" . Well I didn't like the movie as a whole but can see the Actor's future. In all the UNDERWORLD movies that Bollywood has produced it was "Satya " which is the best till today. Current Mood: musical Current song: "manic monday.."

Amazing Strokes!

Watch it carefully ! you will find a whole new world.

The Last two weeks Movie List!!!!!

LUCKY : the tag Line " MAIN WESI LADKI NAHIN HOON" !! ha ha ha, The movie goes well due to its Promo and Songs also for itys Location---RUSSIA. The songs are really nice !Apart from the acting by Aiswarya Look alike "Sneha" , Acting is quite appriciatable! Overall the Movie is a TimePass. Enjoyed the fandoo things Bunty and Bubbly did.It also shows the Onscreen chemistry between the two, as they were in real Life. Storyline depicting Amitab as an investigating officer, is more of a fun !! Current Mood: Fresh Current Song: Gaata rahe mera Dil

Vietnam Emerging !!

" Tring Tring !!" ..( Morning 7am )..... " hello !! " " I reach Vietnam and the Summit is going to start within an hour or so .... plz send me the files soon as possible " .. The above is a distant call from a CEO to his manager , asking him to send a file to his mail which in turn will be recieve by him at Vietnam, where the INTEL Summit is going On. Its really makes us to think that A country like Vietnam , (The hardest hit country in World War II ) can make a mark in Information technology. VIETNAM WAR STATISTICS Longest war in US history (11 years) "War" was never officially declared by the United States A Cornell University study placed the over-all total U.S. cost of the Vietnam war at $200 Billion Total U.S. bomb tonnage dropped during: World War II = 2,057,244 tons Vietnam War = 7,078,032 tons (3-1/2 times WWII tonnage) Bomb tonnage dropped during the Vietnam War amounted to 1,000 lbs. for every man, woman and