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Saturday Sleeeepppppp zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wake up early with a intention to get fresh up and then return to bed..Ya thts wt I did, Fresh up have cool bath and hv little breakfast and went back to bed for a saturday sleep.......after browsing through Bombay Times for 20-30 inutes get slept and woke up at around 5.45 pm when my the door bell rang. It was mohan and Suresh, anyway i had a 5 hour of sound sleeep. Naren and Jayan also join at my room after 6pm. Suresh went for his odd ofice time at Wipro,Mohan and Jayan went to see the Film SeeBuiscuit at Jayans room, Me and Naren to the nerul station for evening snax and then back to some experiment on the new Linux System..... Run Microsoft app in Linux...wao.(.Net Framework) Setting up Network. Current Mood : high Frequency Current Song : Dil kya kare Instrumental

LINUX Installation...Weekend Work

Morning starts with the MMXL file creation. Completed all the pending Project works by 4pm. So Iam writing this blog now. Had three TT matches with Naren,Sohel. Now decided to Install ELX Linux on my PC(F: Parrtition) . Six Films on Marshalls Movie Centre out of which only One gotr a good review.Shade (Stallone in it) .Users comment on the IMDB site is quite well.Will try to watch today. No Idea of next two days ... Current mood: calm Current song : Ajeeb dastan hai ye

I am not discouraged.....Win All

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. Thomas A. Edison Winning your work Path is Million times more than winning Awards and Honors. The Team efforts with the Project make a valuable Impact . Down the Line it was from the MediaOne last year I joined as an Intern, Experimenting all the emerging Technologies, especially the WebTechnologies starting from the XML to the J2EE. ELearning Standards of American and European Consortium, Crossover from Standalone Desktop to Network to Mobile Technology in eLearning.Within One year of all these Experiments make a great Impact when u were working on Deadlines with real Projects. and Completing with BANG. Current Mood : thrilling Current Song : Ye Shaam Mastani Kati Patang

Permission Denied

You are not Authorised to see this Blog.............Stunned...Just like this i got a Permission Denial statement from my own Computer. Rediculous .......But after three more trial it allowed me and something wiered went to happen each hour.My Mailbox in the Outlook get damaged and I cant copy the mails. Some Virus attack will Format my machine after some time of net surfing. Hero Hawk nue age ....brought 2200. Ok will go for Format an reinstall my Pc.Lets c tomarrow . Current Mood: ummmthinking Current song : Mozart fil concert

Little Poet's Poem

Here is a Little Poem but very well writen by Somya, sent today . Thanx for the Poem.Well its not Copyright Protected. dhunda sooraj ki roshni mein dhunda chand ki chandni mein dhund li apne khushi mein woh na mila humein jo mila aapke muskurahat mein roshan ho jata hai suraj chamak uthta hai chand nadiyan gaane lagte hain panchi sur sajate hain ho jati hai apni suni zindagi awad ab na din ka sunapan aur na andheri raat bus sab acha lagta hai jab ho hothon par teri woh muskurahat wali baat. The whole day went Busy in the Project.Have little time for the TableTennis and Quake.Overall got less time to interact with friends . Current Mood : Jumbled Current Song : Tumse milke ,PARINDA

The Work will Go on and On

A monday with fresh air of work waiting in the office. Start the Project on time adding some of the time to the Audio Assets for Tol and also for the Course wrraper. Some tweeking done on my Pc but will reinstall the Windows XP again after this Blog. Got my SBI Pin number ,Thankx for the Postal department which deliver the same after 10 days from Cuttack,Orissa. EveryOne in the office were fine. Preparing to make a whitepaper on the Types of Musics in whole world and Find some really unheard Genre of music. Pri Math exam got well but not much well as she says.Hope will come atleast 75%. Will leave for the room after Reloading WinXP. Current Mood: Regular calm Current Song :Spanish-GloriaEstefan's Como Me Duele.

Sunday Fever..

Hey hey We won the Match ....... Sunday starts with a late wake-up....Some pending works get done. Had Lunch at Bhagat TaraChand. Set out for the movie Mystic River in the evening at IMAX AdLABS,Wadala, Lucky to see ashooting going on for the upcoming thriller "Gayab" at the IMAX resturant. Also seen some Cricket action on the Big Screen. So watched the Oscar Film at last after a weeks wait. Very good screenplay and story. with every character giving boost to the building of this suspence thriller. Overall a very nice movie to watch. Current mood : freshhh Current Song : No song

The WEEK Summary

Mr Mohan got angry on me for not updating my blogs regularly so here I am to make myself regular again. This week went well .Again I miss my daily blogging...zzzzzzzzzz....not lazy just escaped. Last two days means on wednessday- thursday events : :MediaOne Suresh returned from Baroda. Avinash returns from Kanpur. Sohel abcent today itself it a coincidenc...Ind-PAk Third One-Day Match.Peshawar and SOhel get Illl ,Why is so One get Ill when there is One day Match//... I too feel the same sometime so Plz dont Answer.we all know...ha ha. Jayan and me get access to some of the Flats we are searching for. Naren's brother got the Eng.Design job at Kharne. JDM: Three Birth days : on 15th Ronnie,Tridib, Salakha Ali on his Interactive IX screens as we called it,Little I know of his Street Stories this week. The LearnDotTeam: Full fleged on the Project with some exception like QUAKE=III.Some of them ( Viren,Ichin,Hary,Raj,Subodh,Sameer,Chandu,Pradyan on the TO

The weekend went faboulous.

Cricket Fever : India defeted Pak in with just 5 runs, in KARACHI.Wao wt a match to watch. 349/7 with Rahul Dravid missing his century(99),and a great innings by Sehewab(76 off56 balls).This match have all the recipies you can think off in Cricket ,Astonishing Catches,Sixex,Runs and over all the Crowd of Karachi, never we seen such a crowd with such support for the game not for only the Country. Went out with Jayan for the search of his Room to Sanpada. Saturday also have the privilage to watch Shankar Mahadevan and otherCine Singers on stage at the DY.Patil College. Jitu became the COO of, a great news. Current Song : "Dil Chahata hai" Current mood : "Tough to think"

Oh Breaks Breaks

Current Song : "MAIN HOON NA" Current mood : "Far Far Far" The Whole day went with hassle and fuss....The network connection get abrupted each and every hour. From ISDN connection I shifted to the Direct Connection , that too get expired, Then Ajay tried the connection through the MTNL dial-up which valued a little by only giving limited bandwidth, and I can only upload Three File out of 14 .and its allready 2.30 Pm just 15 mints before the Dealine. So the Last minute trial done through Ronnies Personal Cable connection. I change my Gateway and then it was really fast and till 5.30 all the file get uplaoded. Aaaaaaalssssssss ....... now a time for relax....ufff. Weekend : Schedule :: Saaturday::- Helping out Jayan on searching a new Room near Sanpada,Dadar,Kurla...etc.After that Work on the Pending JAVA Project Sunday : Guess some Rest but really dont want ,will try to Sleep atleast 12 hours ha ha...and will have to call some gettogether somewhere ne

Assignment ..Project...

Oh the Assignment given is still not done and evryone in the office just habited to say "Hey somu ,Did u given the Assignment ?" O God I diddnt have the time to do it..Last saturday and Sunday went for Holi ..Anyway i m giving my Privious and Current Assign Task on time i.e On Monday, and that is Sure ,belive me ......I know the office friend will nt belive.....ha ha . So all Todays work done and Schdule for Tomarrow is ready. At 5.20pm:- TT practice in the GYM with Naren. Good news that Jitu bought a new Laptop (Compac). Current music : Main Hoon na Mood : Lazyyyyyy

Very Talketive Day

Cant Say wt happens but Yesterday I got calls n calls on my Cell ,Too much talketive day. Mohan,Jitu,Siddarth,Suresh,Sohel,Naren,Jayan,Godfrey,Avinash,Tridib,Pooja, all. After Office went to see Tridib in his residence.Found him in a very week condition due to the Viral Fever.His wife too had got Fever (105 degree),So no one is there to support both.Well he is in the guidence of Doctor Kaushal. Reach my room at 8pm and had a cold water bath ,Its refreshing. Mohan called me and asked me to join the Dinner at the nearby Restrurant.So I reach there by 9.30 pm as decided. WE had Roti/Dal Fry/Chana Masala and Curd Rice.Had a little Conversation with Jayan and then He come with us to our building to get Suresh Yamaha for tomarrow. So we decided we will go for the New Room search for Jayan after 7pm today. Current mood : Calm Current song : Har Ghadi badal rahi hai...KHNH

Holi -Nariman Point-Unexpected Friends-SMS holi

Its a faboulous Holi afterall.Morning starts with SMS messages on holi wishes and very lazy fellows (all Suresh,Jitu,Mohan,Sid) no one getting out of there respective rooms....anyway after some shouting it wents well with one by one woke up . Then I sprayed the colors on Mohan,suresh,and Sid. Anyway as planned we went for the NarimanPoint /Marine Drive to see the F1 Power boat Race. The Whole sight area is been wrraped by the Sheets and were guarded by the Voluntears from disaster management colleage. We got a decent place in front of the Oberoi Building and waited for the race to start. So before it begins the Lifeguard asscorts all the Final Contestants with a welcome round waving hand towards all the spectators. Contestant from Finland,Italy,Emmirates,Thilan,Sweden,Russia were present.It all starts with a bang and went a Thrilling Experience when you hear the Ecostic Sound from this Powerfull boats. After we went back from Drive had Bath then Lunch and have a deep 4 hr slee

Never miss ur train...

It all started yesterday when Me and Siddarth went with Avinash to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus(Avinash is going home after 8 months to Kanpur,in Khusi Express ).The train we saw is leaving the platform and we are seeing it going ,at the same time a Taxiwala asked Do u want to catch the train anyway we said yes and we went off for the chase on the taxi.The persomn in the taxi let us know that he will charge double if he catch the train at Kalyan and will not take any Penny iof he cant make us to catch it.So we decide yep thats right ........Then within 45 mintues of the taxiride through Thane and Kalyan we got the train and the most awaited curocity get on....THe taxi fare ...Guess how much ....guess guess again.....its astonoshing Rs 3300/= yes i know u will not belive but this is ......and we had to draw the amount from the nearby ICICI ATM and given that to the Taxi.Me and Siddarth returned from Kalyan to KUrla and then back to Home. We are seeing each other and remembering the incident

Village Dola Festival..Nostalgic Holy

So Today is my village festivle.This festival is a series of haapenings through out all the vilages arround and toaday is our villages. So I got lot of phonecalls regarding the information on wts going this year. Bitu called me and informed me regarding all the events. And the holi is on dayafter tomarrow,Sunday. While browsing through my old diary i got nostalgic by remembering last years Holi,on 18th march.It was very tense that time bcoz of Mulund BombBlast on 14th,and we went for the film in VT "Catch me if u can" and stayed whole night (Me,Jitu,Ravi,Siddarth) in Nariman point due to unavailibility of train after 12in night.One day before Holi most of the friends remain at Ravis Room to enjoy and talked and dance whole night(!7th march).And on the morning of next day(Holi) we all went to celebrate the Holi near juhu.Its really the beach. Todays day went cool with lot off pendinmg woks done, Log analysys for the month of Feb04 and the SamLe

Leave anything that frustrate u

At last some cool decisions afterall.Pri had a talk after two days of some thing that went wrong,may be from my part but its not worthy to mention here. The samlearning data is uploaded as usual and the future schdule on the courses were sent back. Heard very intresting feature of Aliasagar from the mouth of HAkim, all of us in the cabin were laughing on the incidents,done by Mr Aliasgar,its really hellarious. So suresh is now fine and recovered. Current song : "Titanic : My heart will go on" Current mood: "waoooo"

When everything goes fine... u stop thinking

Things goes fine everytime when u say its fine. Changing the view is very simple u just say it. Suresh condition is not well yesterday when I assist him to the Sai Hospital,He was given the Vapouriser and come to certain relaxing point. Docter had given the medicine to continue for the next 5 days, and he get a rest in his aunty's home. Well i come late at arround 1.30 with the hectic schedule. sometime latter i feel myself in a vomiting stage and fever, and leve the office by 3.30 with a very good complement fronm a good friend which i never expected.Well thats the way life runs...humm Current song : Mute Current mood: Missing