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Himalaya : Zirmi to Tila Lotni Trek

One of the most Picturesque trek is the trek our Fourth day treak from Zirmi to Tila Lotni. This is the trek where our total trekking team squeezed to just 24 out of 57. Those who left the trek , were frightened by the notorious and dangerous experience of the last day. As we left the Zirmi Camp, we were very sorry for our friends who were with us for the last 5 days in our trek and we are just making them a Good bye gesture. Well it seems All is Well , and we set our foot strong for the next 6 hours of trek. After Climbing nearly 2 km we were into the lush Flower valley , and can were in the middle of the Snow packed Himalayan mountains. We took deep breath and thank God for being so kind to us, To make us feel better and better with each step, to be more stronger in each of the stiff climb, To be at the Valley of Flowers and enjoying its beauty , and that we remember these days through out our life time.

Himalayan Trek - Zirmi Camp - 11000 FT

The trek route from Faul pani to Zirmi is one of the dangerous, deadliest and longer one. And with the sudden change in climate, the situation get worse, which really happen today with our team. The details of the route can me best experienced , rather than describing here. Its nearly 11 km steep climbing and that too with the uncertain chilled rail fall. The guide for out this stretch of trek is our Black panther style mountain dog . Adorable and smart with his path finder nose, we follow his footsteps till we reach the LUNCH POINT. Already the rains are everywhere , with cold breeze , making all the body wet , even with the rain sheet. After waiting for nearly 3 hours , we set out for the last pahse of trek to Zirmi camp , and this is were the story starts and ends in a very thrilling, furious and dangerous hits. Many of us , struggle for there life of the way , while making all there efforts to save themselves from the sliding mud in the rain. One loose step ....makes many to loo

Himalayan Trek- Faul pani camp 9500 ft

The second camp was at the height of 9500 ft, named as Faul pani. unlike open space of Gauna pani camp the camp site here at faul pani is within the deep forest cover and the tents were erected on the stepwise mountain soil, covered with decomposed forest leaves. This camp site is little bit un standard one, as it does not provide open space for roam , to get a hot cup of tea , you have to climb a little and than descend to the tent. Most of the time we were into our tents , under the sleeping bags , singing old kishore kumar songs.... FOOD: GROUNDNUTS FRIED , tea, Bournvita, Rice-Dal, Roti, mix veg curry Song : Aye mere pyare watan, Pal pal dil key paas tum reheti ho.....

Unchadhar - Shilla Village -Gauna Pani Camp

The Himalayan Trekking starts with the place called Unchadhar from were we were descended to the first mountain and crossed a wooden bridge on the river Parwati. The Bridge connects the Shilla Village to the Manikaran Area . On the way , we find the shill village Potters who are willing to take your loaded Ruckshak for Rs 200/= to the Gauna Pani Camp. They pose very well for the , Photographs and yes they are very beautiful. Well some of my unmarried friends do want to make there move !!! .. No matrimony ...just the Gaon ki Gauri. The Lush green valley of Shill Village on he way to the Gauna pane Camp. The Moment we reach our first camp at Gauna Pani, Rain shower starts and the climate changes sudden dark with the chilling cold breeze. We took our part of hot cup of Tea and rush to the Tents with Blankets and Sleeping Bags. Though the rains make some of our tents unmanageable, we took the initiative to drain out the excess water in the tent , with the help of Coffe mugs. Thankfu


The Himalayas, are most tempting places for me. I do dream the snow clad mountains and its rivers , pulsating the rhythms of natural ice cold water. Today I reached Base camp at Kasol, which is at an height of 6500 ft above the sea level. The Training starts from the next day , I reach base camp. Ready for the Rippling and Rock Climbing training sessions. Trained to zoom down from the hieight , with the help of a rope( The only way you need at some toughest mountain terrains, specially when going to bandhak thatch from Biskeri camp) My Cellphone , got wet when its get into the cold waters of Parwati river.. Dry process on the roacks beins A rest for half an hour in the Kasol Forest Senic vioew from the base camp, the Mighty Himalayas. That we are going to Pray for the next 12 days of our Sarpass trekking.

Jayan's Flat in Noida Delhi.

I reached Delhi (New Delhi Railway Station) Late this time by 4 hours . Sampark Kranti train no 2819, is late for 4 hours and I realized the fact while travelling , that its an usual habit of the train, from the regular passengers. Well at 1.20 am in the dark Night , Jayana (Jayan Narayanan) was waiting for me at the station and I was thankful for his long drive from Noida city central to Station. Had Authentic and fresh Kerela food , I like the Avial (Vegetables , coconuts , made in cocunut oil). Will be in Delhi for the next two day before leaving for Himalayan trekking. Rest will write up , whenever I get a net connection.