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Internal motivation comes from with, such as pride, a sense of achivement, responsibility and belief. And its all there with us, that makes this project a success. There was this project we are working on, and one of the quite feature of this project is that , all we required in the form of assets are tooo minimal and the concept is very unique and inovative one. Relying on the corporate and organisational rules , cant able to name the project. The Concept drives our motivation and completed the beta version in time. Some one is very right in saying " Man is a Complex being, He makes desert bloom and lakes die" . In our case Desert did bloom ! Its one of the toughest project I ever worked for, its tough because we have minimal resources and heve to end up with maximum result set. Technology Used : PHP 4.2,APPACHE 1.3, MYSQL,HTML,XML,PERL,GOOGLE API, CSS, SEO and AJAX.

I Love You -or- I Like You ?

In front of the person u love,ur heart beats faster. But in front of the person u like,u get happy. In front of a person u love,winter seems like a spring. But in front of a person u like,winter is just a beautiful winter. If u look into the eyes of the one u love,u blush. But if u look into the eyes of the one u like,u smile. In front of a person u love,u can't say anything on ur mind. But in front of a person u like,u can. In front of the one u love,u tend to get shy. But in front of the one u like,u can show ur own self. U can't look straight into the eyes of the one u love. But u can always smile into the eyes of the one u like. When the one u love is crying,u cry with him. But when the one u like is crying,u end up comforting him. The feeling of love starts from the eye. But the feeling of liking starts from the ear. So if u stop liking a person u used to like,all u need to do is close ur ears. But if u try to close ur eyes,love turns into a drop of tear & remains in u

Books I read This Season ...

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell: - Got this Book from Jitu . Though Jitu never loves to share his books, but this time. He did! . The best-selling author of The Tipping Point returns with a look at our ability as humans to make decisions, and the various factors that contribute to determine how quickly, and how well, each of us can make those decisions. But I found this book not as well as it was hyped! KITE RUNNER by Khaled Hosseini : Thanks to Pooja for referring this book . It was four days back when Pooja, Abhiram and Myself were talking on phone (Conference mode) and we discussed on some of the don’t-miss-it books. Its natural presence and depiction of human relationship makes a happy and nostalgic environment while reading. The first Afghani novel to be published in English, written by an Afghani physician and resident of California. Set against the backdrop of Afghanistan's recent turbulent history - this is the tale of two young boys and their fragile childhood friendship

Refugee By Birth !!

Does She Deserve it ? Current Song : " O Palan Haare" Current mood : Morning Fresh

Kya yahi Pyar hai...

Cool Pics to remember ....Love is on the air.. Current Song :: "Dil Nashe main choor hai.." Current Mood:: Romantic Current Book :: Kite Runner

Innocent !

This image is of an isriali Army Girl ! See the the innocence in her eye's! Current Song :: "Jaana O meri Jaana.." Current Mood:: Rythymic Current Book :: Code Fortress-Dan Brown