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Zumbish.....Dil Dhoondta hai

Heavy rain in the morning keep the atmosphere fresh with cool breeze ,leaves dancing with the charm of there own, childrens njoying walking on the fresh -shinning road, rare view to watch in Mumbai. Its a holiday for our team,as they all devoted there last saturday to achive the deadline.Except 2-6 of the members all were njoying the holiday.Todays Schedule is bit tight even I didnt come out of the last two days Trauma..trying hard to get rid off it..but it comes now and then. AndersonDavis Flash version course sent off today atlast. Somtimes its good to be alone could understand yourself better.Reached the thirteenth chapter of the Thriller-Adventure "Maneater of Jassapur" by duff hart davis. Current Mood: OFF BEAT Current song : Yeh Sham Mastani..(kati patang).

Is life there with smile????

I remember while I was in standard 7th , For my some naughtiness my father puts me into an Ashram in Kangra,Himachal Pradesh..were we told rather ordered by then guru's of following lines ...through In whatever walk of life u r from you can be sure of four things .. That HOPE will get you through worst of time, That LOVE will mend your wounds, You get better with AGE. and GOD always loves you....and we smile because Life is too beautiful. what exactly is Life..I m still confused.......You laugh for others to be hurt .....It hurts...People still discriminate with all sort of topics they get ..Place,skin,religion etc. Jokes were there with too good sarcasm to laugh,Some enjoy it with mood,Jokes with repetition...The discrimination goes on ...and on. When u get simple doesn't want others to be hurt , in return They see it as weakness and do whatever they can. You cant be a friend and you cant make friends...coz they say friendship is just a word to get the Jokes o

The Return..Express

The Day Before departure: Friday 23rd July 2004. My vacations were ending on 24th the same day i had to board the train to mumbai(Konark Express)...the day before i.e on friday morning (23rd) luckily i checked my laugage and ticket, to found out surprisingly that I had booked accidently for 23rd itself ... imidiately getback fast to my bike and drive straight to the Station for change of ticket the Railway rules...they deducted 25% of the ticket value and booked next days(saturday 24th ticket ...oviously not get the seat in 3Tier AC ..and have to manage Sleeper Bearth still in WL/20 . and pray atleast for the Last RAC. As planned earlier cousin brother/bhabhi(Dhoba nana,bhauja two daughters rashmi and kunu) arrived at our house with lots of sweets, Prasadam from Lingaraj temple and Fish/Basmati rice etc... As allways Bhabhi and Mummy cooked the Fish curry,Fish Fry,Rice,Dal and a Veg-Curry(for me only).. After finishin our Lunch and all the chit-chat with everyone

The Vacation Diary....

After i reach here in Cuttack I gave a surprise to all ,as I have told thjem of I am comming on 16th of july and I reached on 12th. Sometimes its good to have such a surprising time with u .what i realised tt first  my younger brother Jishu get shock while seeing mee as he didnt get time to prepare/ make my Bike to its original condition....ha ha . On the same day he drive the bike out and return by night 9pm ...after doing some tweekings to the bike before I could ask him of the same .  So amazingly i got the point and just keep myself mute till i get the bike into my control.. The first day to my Revenshaw college ,were i have to meet out Botany Proffessor and all the teachers.....badluck struk me so i manage to meet only two Proffesor and Vice Principle. They have a proposal of building a Alumunni so we discussed a lot on the same to be execute in abut a time of three months . 2nd day I went forUniversity but on the way get a irressitible zolt on the Highway and I had to puss my b


No Projects...No Deadline...No daba ...No resturant FOODs......the saga will change now for two weeks I am leaving for my native villageafter 10 monts...........Much excited ......But will miss all my friends here a lot.. I will definitely miss two birthday treat but will njoy mine at home :) Current song :"papa kehete hain" Current mood :"exite.........d"

Mob Attack...

Even if u bang your head on the pillar you cant broke your head untill u get the Project done... The Final file build done at last yesterday at arroungd 4.30 am and send to the client for first beta checking. Went to sleep at 5am and still thinking wether I will make it to home or not????? To much in confusion after listning from some news of mob attack on the College Campus where my bike sacrificed.

Sunday Movies

It was the last Sunday in mumbai for me b4 I leave for my home on coming Saturday. Decided to watch the movie TROY and luckily got the tickets at regal. The Movie Wolfgang Petersen's Troy isn't its rousing super-battles, the grandiose scale of its sets or its expert cinematography. We know that Hollywood has the ability to pull off such large-scale trickery. And, after such successful epics as Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, such sights and sounds should come as no surprise, considering what is capable with today's moviemaking technology. What's most impressive about Troy is that it comes across as an effective and even insightful character study, even if you're just watching a big, expensive magic trick.Troy is "inspired" by Homer's poem The Iliad, which, along with The Odyssey, is something most of us read in high school English class. Homer's book chronicles, often with gruesome detail, the war between the Greeks and the city of

Wenesday RIM ZHIM

It was 10am when I reach office and had to sign on the late Muster. Puri bhaji in the canteen which i get sccared of and end up with a Nimbu-pani breakfast. Work on the Anderson AICC project till lunch before shifting to the Other Project. Trptti is still not well with heavy cold, and speaking out slow and dull, still energetic on the scheduling of a picnic... And Sohel very often come to see his Project update on my machine. Training Ali on the Docent wrapper of elearning courses is on. Today Ali wrapped two of the courses and I had uploaded them to the TOL server after doing the required QA. Downloaded some of the songs and played.Had a talk with Sawantji on the new room near ours for rent, which is suppose to be taken by Narendra..Praveen come back from home at 10pm to send CRN newsletter and I remain for mail checking and to do the rest ZDnetIndia LOGS report. Ambica called today from Channai to inform that he is also coming to cuttack in mid we can meet in bhubneswar