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Farming and Technology

The Blend of Farming with the Technology is much sweeter. The Experience gives a ampule of the fresh air and the joy of being Producing that we eat daily is un imaginable and can be felt within..

Dont Miss these Documentaries

Out of many Documentaries I can recommend five of the best as follows : 1, BBC EARTH 2009 2. RELIGIOUS 3. BBC SOUTH PACIFIC 4. ZEITGEIST : The Eye Opener Documentry 5. BIRTH OF EARTH. These are those Documentaries which makes us think again and again on ourselves , thr Human race and its relation to the Mother Nature. Many questions that we commony asked about the existance of Life on earth, the work of GOD, who we are? , why there is Life in such a form that we can see and touch and many more Curious one... Keep your Video Libraries filled with these gem of all Documentaries . I enjoy watching them again and again. Current Mood : Joyous Current place: At home PC Last Food taken: Rice, Dal, Cabbage fry and Alloo raita.

Balijatra Cuttack 2009 - Orissa

Over the past several months I was wandering through the cultural diversity of Indian subcontinent. From the inauguration ceremony of Gopals home at Taddepalligudem, than a Visit to Abhirams Naval Base at Vishakapatam to the Balijatra Trade fare and Cultural exchange in Cuttack. Recently Concluded Balijatra 2009 at Cuttack , Orissa is more than a event to recon with. Simply it’s the best platform for the traders in end number of Products category , to showcase there products and have there business brands visible in the Public in East India. Balijatra is very historic in its conception and in the current years its been expanded a lot in its total presence and activity. One of the best sight in the balijatra is the Gandhi Market or the Gandhi Shilpa bazzar , which is a collection of goods and products from the Rural India. One can have the touch of the teracota paintings, mud pots, rare designs , cotton and jute works etc . This year I had snapped lot of pictures within the five days