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Spelbound at Lord Jaganath Temple Puri

My Visit to Lord Jaganath Temple at Puri is always with the aim to get a Darshan of the Almighty, in his unique style. This time its something very different. The Temple unwrapping of white powdery pasted material is undergoing for some months now. Slowly and Slowly the marvelous - amazingly intricate stone carving are emerging, to amaze your eye more and more. I was complete spell bound for its beauty in every inch of the Temple stone , that I couldn't still belief the construction of the temple was made by Humans like us. Just like the suspense of other Kalinga Architectural Designed Temple like the Konark Temple, Lingaraj and the AngkorWat in Cambodia its making my sense in question marks. The Camera's cant go beyond the Lino's gate entrance of Lord Jaganath Temple, and No one allowed to make an analysis of what exactly is the material and the efforts in human terms are use to build such a huge Worship Structure. Whatever be the reason, the sheer Power, Will and intel

5 Most Melodious Friendship Hindi Songs Ever

Listed are the 5 most melodious friendship Songs in Hindi Films. There are 1000 of such songs in Hindi on friendship , but these are the most favorite Songs of all time. And yo can list them more under the Comments below.   Yeh Dosti hum nahin Chodenge (Sholay 1975)   Sach Mere Yaar Hai (Sagar) Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan (Yarana - 1981) Dil chahata Hai Hum Tau Aise hai Bhayiya

4 Most Melodious Hindi Song Ever with Love

The List of Melodioyus songs in Hindi are huge and I am compiling them into parts with moods that they belongs to. Here are the 4 of my favorite Melodios hindi Songs, that I think you must be hummin Ek Pyar Ka Nagama Hai (Shor - 1972)   Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil main (Kabhi Kabhi)   Dil Kya Kare (Joolie)   Hontho se choon lo tum (Premgeet - 1975)