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Tough Going..Fixed to watch TERMINAL this Saturday..waooo

Now a days going back to home earlier than usual just bcause TV is there and I am too keen on Watching Discovery and History Channel . Sorting out Programmes from Newspaper for each day is now a regular practice like the diary updates.:) " TERMINAL " the Steven Spielberg movie , casting TOM HANKS is released and I was waiting for a long time is here and we are going to see it on Saturday. Godfrey,Mohan,Jitu(he is now in mumbai),Me,Siddarth were all set to bang. Reach office bit late. The moment i reach I went to see a solution done by Trptti which I was unable to fix yesterday. It was a FTP login problem to a clients site which is not happening yesterday. I used the same settings with the same login name (removing an extra "i" in it) as Trptti done today but cant able to log...well yesterday It was really not getting even Hakim tried many times with the same. Sohel Come up with his emailer HTML page which took me 1 hour to fix inspite of tight schedule from

Every emotion is magnified.

We all want to fall in love. Why?Because that experience makes us feel completely alive.Where every sense is heightened,every emotion is magnified,our everyday reality is shatteredand we are flying into the heavens.It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon.But that doesn't diminish its value.We are left with memoriesthat we treasure for the rest of our lives.And sometimes these very memoriesHaunt us..through our lifetime,For we seek what abandoned usAnd left us in a state of mystification, enchantment,And yes guilt and loss. “I don't recall how it was I ended up laying in bed after I got to my room from dinner. I opened the rooms windows and must have lay down to enjoy the cool breeze. I quickly drifted off into dream land to the soft rustle of the breeze outside , I remember I am watching MTV with low volume and my cellphone ringing with blinking tones....I saw its a call from Somi ..still i must be watching it without even picking up...I know i didnt had a talk w

At Last a TV ... Sharp 14 inch.

It was yesterday Me and Siddarth went straight to the TV shop nearby and Purchased a 14' Color TV (SHARP) at Rs 6400/=. It is after 2 years nearly we are just thinking to buy a TV.. and we did it this time. :) . Picked up 3 varities of Sweets from Jhamma Sweets for Suresh,Mohan,Naren,Avinash and other friends. After reaching the room I contacted the cable guy for the connection which he said will do it tomorrow...and thats a big saddnes .we cant watch TV till tomorrow. :( .

Rest of our lives

Woke up early ... Fresh up and get on to read the TOI ... Bombay times is as usual with hassle and tussle images in all. Wrote down some lines to my diary which is kept blank for 10-13 days . Reach office around 10.30 am and get into work. My cubicle is now regarded as the Latecomers cubicle as Me, Zubin and Ashish seems to come late most off the time.. On my side its rare, I swear I never ever try to get late but somehow these days I get into it. Yesterday I took a printout saying " Only LateComers Allowed " in front of our Bay..And the time I was going to place(11.45 am) and zubin is just to enter the bay and I ask him to wait a little till i paste the qoute ....He replised..."Hey why r u putting yourself into trouble?" ..Replied..." Hey I pasted now its ok...." I get back my DVD( Lawrence of Arabia,Guns of Navarone, saving Private Ryan,Some off all fears, A thin Red Line ) from Jayan and the moment I was just going to put the DVds into my Drawer

baul music

I got some very good classical baul music from Jayan and Sanimani .  The collection was originally from a live concert in trivendrum which he recorded in a CD. It was an effort that someone really passionate do it.  After Ashish done the ripping from the original cda format to mp3 with a old tool.  I gave a share folder to all in JDM , specially Typei team so that everyone could njoy it.  And it was spread like fire in the office and there is a air of Baul music playing in most of the PCs. after a certain time all went bored ...... the enjoying icons where Nilanjan,Tridib Ghosh,Sutapa,Rupali,Ashish,some times Zubin,Jayan,Sani,Subradeep,Ronnie .....   The song "Nadi re dheu" was awsome with a tanpura recitle in it. Later in Evening I Had a talk with Situ,Pradeepa and Purna while they went to see the Vishwakarma pooja at Paradeep Port,  Current music :" baul Music"  Mood : Mythic


I was puzzeled by a question which is still not asked? Still searching that what makes someone so restricted on asking ...and make me puzzeled for so many hours. Hope will know tomorrow . Well the Projects are going fine , at last after 1 month the Anderson reviews for changes were come for final debugging. Samlearning work is going on with all the team in its full potential. Its Servers Kashani's Birthday and I wished him on phone. Had a talk with papa reagarding my stay in mumbai. A very senstive news of "murder of one of my earlier Bosses personal ....shoked me ". I got the sms and cant belive it initially and called up to confirm. "Rakana" who is murderred cold bloded is a 27 year old guy from cuttack and my interaction with him come when he wants a shop near the bus stand and with the help of "tiku bhai" he got it. The things changes fast and Rakana started himself as an alied of the Boss and getting into misdeeds which altimetely ef

Dhoom Machaley

Went to see DHOOM and enjoyed the Songs very much. I was just addicted to the original song by TATA young . and got the Lyrics to practice with the song played in my PC simultaneously. Dhoom dhoom come and light my fire Dhoom dhoom let me take you higher Dhoom dhoom I wanna feel that burnin’ Dhoom dhoom it’s a wild emotion Dhoom dhoom passion and devotion Dhoom dhoom now the wheels are turnin’ Move your body close to mine and Let me feel your love divine and Together we’ll explode and we’ll go boom Dhoom machale (2) dhoom Dhoom dhoom I’m gonna make you sweat now Dhoom dhoom let get your all wet now Dhoom dhoom so let’s get down on it Dhoom dhoom till the early morning Dhoom dhoom until the dawning Dhoom dhoom you know that you want it Shake your body down to the ground Once you go there’s no turnin’ round Tonight we’re gonna make the world go boom Dhoom machale (2)dhoom This yearnin’ inside You know you just cannot hide So don’t fight feeling

We all end in the ocean

We all end in the ocean, We all start in the streams, We're all carried along, By the river of dreams, Dreams are fun to njoy and I enjoy it . Am I falling which Eienstien once said.... "Gravity cant be blamed for people falling in Love" ..sure its not the gravity , then its not the way I wish. Someone pointed out that I was getting down these days not with my usual it? I too confused ..with best friends query. HAd a talk with Papa and was really amazed by the way he encourages me on continuing my stay in Mumbai for another Year. Ashish and Ronnie were on there way to build the remote Brodcasting Server with a bang of JSP. Samlearning work is on time and Tanmoy,Nikhil were in full dedication to it. Watched Scary Movies III , A helarious comedy to watch. Current mood : " Sceptic " Current Song : " river of Dreams"

Nostalgic way ...its my village and river

Started with a new segment of work which include PHP,javascript,HTML,Mysql and Appache guided by Nikhil,Tanmoy,Zubin,Ashish and Ronnie to whome I am much thankful. I walk down every evening and I stand on the shore And try to cross to the opposite side So I can finally find out what I've been looking for in the dusky evening . Suddenly I catch up my Childhood and the dusky evening near the river " Kathjori " fly in front of me. To compensate it I had found out a way where I culd simulate and Concentrate to a distant object. I do just by looking out to the nearby Mountain to a specific Point for 20-25 minutes and the result was amazing I really feel the coolness of my village and do relax a lot from the tight Schedule. Its other way round when my friends often catch me on that perticular point near the corridor and thought to a extent that I might be in tense. Current mood : "falcon fly" Current song : " Would u dance with me"