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When Black & White Phone gives more than iPhone

Old is Gold and Old is Romantic. It was the time when listening 92.5 FM , switching over to Friends Chat, listening Purani Jeans , all from the one inch screen wide Black & White Nokia Phone. The Days seems happier than... today's iPhone-Facebook Look @ the Smile while Looking at the Phone  Koi Lauta Dey Mere Beetey hue Din.Bitey hue din wo mere Pyare Palchin .... Listen to the Sogn from here 

She got Cuts n Thrown Down

Cocunut tree leaves Cut off One of the Coconut Tree, standing tall but leaned, roots decomposed, Bend to the extent that its unsafe for the People Below is no more. The needs to be some cleanup done regularly, and this time its the turn of this 65 year old Coconut tree. She Stand tall , straight and Provide more than 100 of Coconuts every year, but in the Super Cyclone of 1999 , the 300 km/sec winds bend it to danger angle along with seven other coconut trees. The Cyclone Claimed more than 25,000 lives and 1000 Acres of Plantation.  It is all Emotional in the way that I grew up, jumped on, Played on, Even Suvive on , Fed on the delicious sweet Coconuts, slept on the Green Leaves in the Summers to tackle 40 degree Sunstroke.  The Tree is too Tall and to Cut it down, required experience and trust. The Place Below the tree is a Mud built small Snack Shop. To Avoid any of the dangerous slide of Tree's massive Logs, we have hired the near Village No.1 Expert. "BAULI B

Til I Die

Life itself is a Challenge to Live upon. When I was Snapping Pictures of the Vegetable Market here, This Old  Elderly Sitting for his livelihood , without having a single teeth left , grouping the green chilies to sale for Rs 4/- .   Said He will take the Spirit of Doing something rather than waiting ......Til I Die.

Kids River Bed Berries and Sunset

The best of Sunset seen from the Kathajodi River Side is worth experiencing one. Time and Again, Month after month, year after year, seasons after seasons..the fascination for the River basin is always alive. Kids surrounded me to visit the River basin for there season ripen berries.