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Mushrooms in the Monsoon

The White Mushroom , the Pink Mushroom the little ones and the big Mushroom take the pride standing tall. Two big black ants take shelter under the nature Umbrella Mushrooming in the monsoon

Elegance Beauty in WhiteWhite Pegion

White Pigeon with her elegance just gave a straight look for the Photograps to be distributed globally.   

Monsoon Brings Blooms Smile Thrill Oxygen

 Its the Onset of Mighty Monsoon in the Indian Peninsula, People, Plants, Animals, Insects, Birds all take there inner happiness out to say there gratitude towards nature. I tried to capture some of them in there moods of bloom, smile Thrill and Full of Life (Oxygen)

Cuttack Chenapodo Jalebi aur Kheera Gaja

chenapodo sweet It is said that a person from Cuttack remain very much loyal to his/her taste of food. Specially the food varieties in Cuttack. This time we took the Sweets on our way to Nandan Kanan National Park. Its the Famous ChenaPoda Some Jalebi and Kheera Gaja . Delicious Katki Flavour, is much more authentic when you get them in small Chawl-type Snak Shops (Chaliya Jalikhia Dokan in Odia).

Snake Captured and Released after Photoshoot

This is my 2nd biggest Snake Capture after the Winters of January 2011 when I captured the Copperhead Cobra Snake from the Kitchen ( Click to see ) .  Early morning my Cousin shouted with many fellows near my house and I get woke up, making my way to the loud - strong voices with temper, with long Rods, With Sticks ...." A Snake entered the Room ". Somehow I managed to cool down and Let my intuition to raise me out to tell them ...Wait I want to take it ...will try to capture , rather than killing ...if possible.(Please someone tell me the name or type of Snake this is?) Snake Hiding for life in the Room Taken my DSLR and snap by focusing the lenses deep inside the corners of Paddy Bags, where this snake is struggling for his life .(above Picture). From my earlier Cobra Capturing experience I have learn many thing to make it much more easier to handle these tense and dangerous situation.( Not a 1% trust from the Family to do it ) . Every time I Capture Snakes , I took i