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Sunday : New Philips ear phone

Sunday as usual I was late in opening my eyes, this time it was 8.30 and chinu wake me up, reminding that I have to go to VT for the enquiry about the parcel system through railway.Purchased a PIII CPU with 933Mhz from a old Computer shop to run my Computer again, which will make Chinu busy and watch her favorite DVD.

After breakfast and Lunch , a little rest shows the Clock at 4.15 pm. And Chinu get ready for Chembur, Jitus place to meet Suman and Aunty. Both of us went out and she went to Chembur and I headed towards CST(VT) Mumbai Terminus. With in next 3 hours I had enquired about the Parcel system at the railway station, Went to Planet M in the Times Building @ VT, Listen to the new releases for 1 hour including Gulzar-Amrita Pritam Poetic melody, Kailash kher's Kailasha Jhoomo re, Abijeet Sawants Jonoon and Avril Lavange's Girl Friend. Purchased my fourth new ear phonbe, this time it was Philips in-ear headphones with five set of interchangable caps from Planet M. While l…

Prashant Tamang : The India Idol 3 Winner

It was one of the celebration day like past three days.

First it was brilliant Six sixes in an over by Yuvraj Singh in the First 20-20 cricket Worldcup, Than the Clean and Thrilling Victory of Indian Cricket team on Austrailia, in the Semifinals of the same event at Durban, making India to the Finals to meet there arch Rival Pakistan tomorrow. And now as I
am writing this blog @ 12.40 am, after watching the Indian Idol grand finale, it was Prashant Tamang the winner of Indian Idol 3.

Dinner Rice and Paneer with Paratha

Yuvraj Singh Six sixes in an Over

Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in an over, keeping Indian hopes alive for a berth in the Semi Finals of the 20-20 World Cup in Durban, yesterday. Yuvraj set a world record of fastest 50, in 12 balls.

I was fortunate and sure that every Indian who had watched Yuvraj innings, will remember this moment all the life.This is an astonishing feet achieved .Three batsman had achieved this feet before Yuvraj. While Ravi shastri and Garry Sobers achived it in First Class, Hershell Gibbs acounted for the only player to hit six sixes in 50 overs One dayer.

Closing On

I am doing my best to make every bits and bytes at my Workplace(e-paranoids) , to be on roll. Things are coming with many complexities, but its going to be more entertainer in future. As I had finally decided to Leave Mumbai, the activities at Home and Workplace got multiplied.

Toaday I got up early and after a small workout , took Rice and Dal in Breakfast.For the last 7 - 8 Days most of us at eParanoid were having our Lunch at Jain Mandir, Chembur. The Food is very nice and even with less Oil.