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Sujit left eParanoids.

Certainly some day we all will be gone Thats the truth. To be along with that truth is not in our control. yes we loose control. Sujit, who is with our eParanoid team for the last four years, left for his new love corporate Accenture. We wish all the Success for him. Jitu and I decide to have a break to the Mountains or the Sea beaches, in the coming days

TECHYOG : Connecting the Dots

Well its been nearly 2 years , that I started TECHYOG, from the grass, from the mud , from the village "Kadampada" I proudly belong to. It all started with the passion, initiated by the Desire of creating something unique, Determination to achieve the Ultimate and the Dedication for that desire, which stands out in the shape of TECHYOG.COM. Now its a new turn of events when, Techyog will go on making its new venture , to the offshore Website Development and of-course with the new workforce. I am really happy to look into the past, as said by Steve Jobs " You can Connect the dot Looking Backward not forward". With time , the desire to build more creative work starts showing result , which that enforces to make it Perfect. And today I met with Dr. Sreejoy Pattnaik(M.D Shanti Memorial Hospital) , on the Website of Shanti Memorial Hospital, and I was happy , that he liked the design. (Sometimes your dedication sounds loud from those who appreciate it) Current Song: Se

Chale Chalo Making Of Lagaan : Must Watch it

Somehow in our life time we notice something great happening , something that must be recorded and presented , so that we realize the hardwork and dedication that goes into it. LAGAAN - the making of this movie is one of it. Amazingly you carry on with the Determination of Ashutosh Gawarikar , the dedication of Aamir khan and the Desire of all those who made it possible. Once you see this Documentary on the making of Lagaan : Chale Chalo You can realize the fact : why AAmir Khan is Mr Perfect in Bollywood. I am sure , those who ever see this Documentary , will really love the way it was made and will realize what they had missed till now. Its one of the legend that counts on to be Proud Indian. Current Song: "Ghanan Ghanna ..."