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Kaal !

I went to see Kaal yesterday with a hope and exicitement ! It was really hard to get hold of the tickets, as the public is on a rampage like senario!. After the interval I can see myself as in a environment of disappointed ! The movie is so much hyped that it doesn't even reach the ratings of One star! Well some of my friends feedback do suggest they were quite satisfied by the way the movie is made!! Ya its views which varies from person to person! . Overall in my view the Movie should have been done better without using those Three tigers. !!. Lara dutta looks too hot. Rating " -* " Current Mood: Selfish Current Song: "Tauba Tauba !!"

Success Path...............

Five of my friends Meera,Jayan,Siddarth,Ashwin and Gaurav were all set to Join the IDG group of Companies. The news is as much shoking as Thrilling! Hey Allt the Best !!!!! .. I hope all of them will took this great opurtunity to height of Success! and will keep the spirit of goodwill throughout. Current Song : woh lamhen (Zeher) Current Mood: Thrilled :)

Home Trip

A memorable trip to home indeed . All these days of my home visit, I enjoyed the food cooked by my mother, met with many of the friends , done remaining home work, Applied for my Passport, transfer my PGDIBO(PG in International Bussiness Operations) classes from Utkal University (Bhubaneswar) to Somaya College (Mumbai) and hope I will start my classes by the end of September this year. On my first Day , njoyed the HOLI with all my villagers. I will be uploading those photos from the trip- HOLI, PUR in few days from now. Had a Trip to Jaganath PURI , on the new YAMAHA Fazer ( Awesome Pickup ) with Ranji and stay there for two days, njoyed the mighty Bay of Bengal Sea Beach with all its calmness. Meet Lizu and Somi on sunday, had lunch ,ice creams,cane juice, roamed through-out bhubaneswar, went to Big Bazar, sit for some hours in IG park. Thankx both for sparing such a time when Exam-preparations are on the forehead. "From this day on and now n forever, no matter what they Say...