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Mango Seed Germination in Water

15 Days under Water Mango Seeds germinated with roots and shoots This year we started germinating chosen varieties of Mangoes (Mangifera indica ) in Water Only.  Below are the Pictures/ Images of those Germinated Seeds of Mango seeds underwater. So If you are Looking for on How to Grow Mangoes tree from seeds in Water this is the Article on it  There are also other ways one can grow/germinate mango shoots from seeds, Like you can grow Mango from seed in a paper towel, or How to Grow Mango tree from seed in India.  The Basic Technique used by horticulture experts, Farmers, and Fruit Lovers is the same.  Step By Step Process to Germinate Mango Seeds under Water : First, get the Good ripen Mango seeds. Clean the Seed and rapture its shell from one Side to get the  Kernel. Dip 1/2 (half) portion of the Seed underwater (the Rooting Side )and keep the rest above the water level. Close the Container to avoid Air Circulation and Keep it in a Dark Area. Await for a week, after which you will se