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Happy BirthDay Saum.

I am Living Life..Wao. Its my Birthday and last night I enjoyed the most with friends.A small home Party was arranged for my office friends. All(Ajit,Kushagra,Jinesh,Sujit and Sohan Singh) except Jitu(I missed him the Most) are present and enjoyed. I got a dashing White T-Shirt(from Friends) and a small baby-doll(from my sister) as a gift. I was the third Children of my Parent. The first two children, one boy and one girl did not survived and the unnatural deaths, makes my parents more concious and peservative. They did there best for me to live, even my Father did a offering for Lord Balaji, Tirupati(Andra Pradesh,) He also started giving Homeopathy Medicines Volunterly from his Milatary Camp(in Rajeshthan), and decided that if I survive, He will Voluntearn Homeopathy, for the people, All his Life. So my father is continuing his will after Retirement(1985). Wether its the Love and affection , or the devotion towards the GOD, I am still alive and enjoying. Life is such a small part th

Life Cycle : जिन्दगी

I could not find anything better than this image , depicting the Life Cycle. Look at the Time line (morning,noon,evening, night), (plant, flourishing tree, tree fully grown and finally a Tree without its leaves) , (Childhood, Young Age and love, Matured Old Man and lost Wife and finally everything gone.). Yes This is life and we are proud to be living. येह लाइफ है । जिन्दगी का सफ़र , है इये कैसा सफ़र , कोई समझा नहीं , कोई जाना नहीं . Love might be a mistake but its worth Making, Living life is taking Chances but its worth Taking

Shoping with :)

As the celebration for our first marriage anniversary tomorrow, both of us went for some tiny shoping at Nerul. The Rains in Mumbai , did slow down a lot today, which makes our way clear for a ride to Nerul. At Nerul I need to get back my money for the fake iPod, that I did purchase for a friend, and thankfully to Mr Premjee (the shop owner ), finally got it back. I got a mild relief from the Neck-Pain , which is making the worst of last 5 days. The Doctor diagnosed it with the Computer Vision syndrome, which is a cause of continous sitting in front of Computer for hours. At D-Mart , Nerul I gifted Chinu a dress, and a Veg-delighted Dinner at Shiv sagar.