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Crystal Clear Water from the Newly Dig Well

Crystal Clear Water from the New Well for the Trees to Plant Final Digging of Well   The Brilliant Well Diggers Thirsty Cows taking Rest in Tree Shade The Plants for Tree Well Digging Starts on April 30 2021 Place Selection of Water Well Concept to Dig a Well to Plant Trees

Wooden cart For Toddler kids


Map of India 2007 & 2020

Since the year 2000, Map of India Changed a lot.There are more Districts and States Added or Bifurcated . Looking the Map of India - Jitendra Jain . Aug  12. 2007 The New Map with Telengana State . Awaiting for the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory Map of 2021. 

Plantation 2

  The Second Phase of 14 Plants to be Planted in this 14 days Lock down.

Finally the Well is Functional


The Mangoes and Kids


Using Solar Panel in Night

Solar Panels can be used as Tables for Kids in Night-Time too.  Just make a Folding System and in the Nights, Kids can Study on the Roof. From March to June the Sun is Very much Perpendicular to the Roof. And As the South Eastern Breeze flow during the Summer, Sitting and Reading On Roof is a cooling Effect as well as Relaxing for the Kids to Study. Two Solar Lamps on the Solar Panel and they enjoy Studying on the Rooftop, experiencing Free Cool Breeze.