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The Right Foot...pain reinvented

While sitting and working in the DC ( Development Center) as we called it , I feel the pain in my right foot.Suddenly realised that my right foot fracture(a year back) area is been hurt , while I was stepping down from the local train at Kurla , junction. Then I left DC to get a checkup done on the leg while asking the Doctor on phone about the same. Due to the ongoing Curfew at NERUL and most of the NEW Mumbai area the situation is even more worse , that except trains ( Life line of Mumbai) no vehical are on the road. Anyhow managed to reach home and had taken pain killer , which eventually makes me relaxed and had a deep sleep. Current Song:: "tere mere milan ki yeh raina" -Abhiman Current Mood : Relaxed a bit!! Current Book: French masters

Riots in Nerul!

While I was in the local train, travelling back to home just two station back, jitu called me up saying ...."kahan pe hai.? " ..I said "abhi Juhi nagar pahunch gaya hoon" ..he said " Nerul station pey mat utarna ....seewood pe hi utar jana....coz nerul police station is attacked by the mobs...." . On listning the last line ....a little jerk goes through my mind . and coincidently I reach nerul station and the situation is really worse as those on the station get inside the train ....with a feared gestures and telling in a cool voice...." koi mat utro idhar ...aage utar jana" . People responds to these fearfull talks very elegantly without steping out of the train. Yes the Situation is really tense when i get down at the next station, Seawood. All shops were closed and a curfew like situation is visible. Realised later on that its iondeed a curfew . for the same reason which Jitu had alerted just minutes before. Current Song : " Yaar ter