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TechYog Revitalize

Well you may be surprised with the results of 2009 India Election. Yes it has some of the satisfactory trends in the last decade , with a clear mandate and no more tension to the people of India for next 5 years. At Techyog solution, we are making the efforts on its start up Projects . And all the people in Techyog are buzzing with the Project. The Project on the translation of Oriya Data to that of English, is on the way. Its the requirement of the time as for the online search result.

Reliance BIGtv == Big Mistake == Big Problem

I prefered somehow BigTV on TATA SKY and that I was total wrong for my dicission. Truth to be told I never Purchased anything of atmost importance without proper analysis of the Product. On the same trend I analysed three of the DTH and Find the Following. My Earlier Post in my online diary , when I was really happy purchasing BigTV ....was totally wrong DIST TV : Compare to the other two it has Low Clarity of Images and Sound. TATA SKY : Everything is Perfect like Mr Aamir khan and it has one of the robust equipments, which gives a high picture quality and DVD quality Sound. Only that it comes with a Price tag more than that of BigTV and also doesnt give free months view offer like BIG TV. BigTV : Everything that was in the Tata SKy was there , only the settop box quality is little doubtful. But as its comes with a 3 months free offer and a price less than of tata Sky I prefered it and the ovious reason that its a Anil Ambani Group for its continous Innovation and emmerging techn