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May Uncle's Soul Rest in peace.

Its not a good week . Last sunday Morning I got a call from Jitu at 9am telling me that his father is no more. Its too bad to realise and too hard to know its true... Jitu reach mumbai at 12 in night. On monday morning all the last rituals done.This is the first time I saw him crying like a small child.Writing anything more on the situation is out of any words. May Uncle's Soul Rest in peace.

Can we be Like a PENCIL!!

I read this nice piece or writing in the book by Tanenbaum "Morden Operating systems" The Pencil Maker took the pencil aside, just before putting him into the box. There are 5 things you need to know, he told the pencil, before I send you out into the world. Always remember them and never forget, and you will become the best pencil you can be. One: You will be able to do many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in someone's hand. Two: You will experience a painful sharpening from time to time, but you'll need it to become a better pencil. Three: You will be able to correct any mistakes you might make. Four: The most important part of you will always be what's inside. And Five: On every surface you are used on, you must leave your mark. No matter what the condition, you must continue to write. The pencil understood and promised to remember, and went into the box with purpose in its heart. Cu

"Living LIFE is taking chances and its worth taking"

Keeping my blogs live and update it daily basis is now a dream for me.I remember while in School at YOL CAANT , Himanchal Pradesh , I use to ask my father why he came so late and went out so early in the morning. He use to say that This is his job to do and as a EME Engineer of Army, like other Core engineers he has to be in there BASE Camp and this is there First Priority. You cant stop time and Time is precious u cant fight with it ,you never know when its get over. Yes I can see how time passes ,its 604800 seconds of a week over again .. Sataurday 12.02.05 met with an accident,A tempo-auto rickshaw crashed on my back while I was on the way to home at around 10 am.It tears up my right arm and leg joint.With the help of the Auto I reach the Hospital were the emergency ward actively use first Aid. I kept unconsious for 15-20 and when i get my concious back they were pulling out one of the stone which is punched into my right palm..... hmmm it all gets over within 3 hours. and i s

Subah hote hi !!

Kadam kadam par baharon ne sath chod diya, pada jab wakt to apno ne sath chod diya. kasam khai this sitaron ne, sath dene ki , subah hote hi sitaron ne bhi sath chod diya Current mood: Calm Current song: "tujhse naraz nahin Zindagi"

Woh Lamhain hain jo yaad kar leta hoon!

Naam pata nahin ,Rakha bhi nahin, Janta hoon Waqt ke saath doob jayega .Jo yaad rahega Sirf itna ... Kabi Koi jiya karta tha tha yahan kisi ney sach kaha hai ." Naam goom jayega Chehera yeh badal jayega "! Kuch Dost hote hain ! Kuch Dosti bhi Kar lete hain !. TIME is always in Constant motion ,rolling us along! The day went as usaual with the Friday Project Deadlines bugging each hour with reminder!. Too many meetings on project making the deadlines much narrower. Hope to visit the STRAND book Fair tomorrow. If possible will go for the movie "Page 3". Completed the Story " Useless Beauty " by the french author " Guy De Maupassant ". Its a heart touching story of a rich person and his wife, set into the 1970's france. The story build in such a way that it anchors the reader untill the completion. It deals with the way humans express there love, how the human pchychology changes its phase with surrondings and how Love is the ultimate winne


It is Abhiram (now in MALAD NAVAL BASE) with all his anthusiasm asked everyone of us to have a get-together at some place. We end up deciding to go for a Movie and the choice is BLACK. Only Two off us make it to the movie as somehow or other every one is busy. It was my first visit to MALAD and GoreGaon . Took a Local to Wadala -Andheri-MALAD . Manage to reach the hall with just 10 mins of the movie gone!!. Didnt get the time To see th NAVAL BASE coz of Late! The Movie comes up with a very rare subject line. Showing the class of Sanjay Leela Bansali with inspiring and sensitivity touch.Worth watching performance by the little girl . Rani and Amitaab's performance is spell bounding. I could recollect some words by somi saying " Devdas main jo kasish Sanjay leela bansali nai Deekhaya hai ..usko hazar baar bhi dekho to bahut kam hai" . Yeah I didnt saw the movie Devdas but from this movie I could estimate Sanjay Leela's creativity. After the movie we went for a shopin

Dont Wana to Live Forever:

Many Decisions to the future make life very confusing. I dont want to go too far, not too fast even,Want to take a bite of this sweet life, I am going 2 fight' when my time is up You know I don't care and I am sure to get my share. Want to go out in a cloud of smoke...want to Live now.. Don't wanna live forever ... Watched three Movies : : Mind Hunters : Collateral : Tom Cruise : Alexender : Collin Farel,Angelina. Current Mood: Upside Down Current Song : Suraj Hua Madhyam (K3G)

Meditab Software Inc. are the Cheaters

No one would belive that the software company "" fakes whatever it promises. One of my friend get cheated by the company ,without realising that the fakes and unhealty attitudes in any proffesion cost more than anyone imagine. It started with a deal when "" agreed resonable amount for the project. At the end of compllition they start faking the Projects amount and cutting it down to half. Well it doesnt make any diffrence to the project handled by my friend but ironically it was been published through out the medical web ! THE UNETHICAL approach . I hope no more increase in the client base of this company will happen untill they understand " THE BEST PRACTICES " and proffesionalism. ********************

Google's Future.

ITS the Year 3088 more than 1000 year .....FUTURE webmasters. 1996: Brin and Page create BackRub, starting the era of modern search. 1998: $1 million is raised in funding to start Google. 1999: Google has 39 employees watching the 3 million daily searches. 2001: Google now offers several country domains. 2002: Google introduces the Google Web API, flirting with developers. 2003: Google Answers lifts searching up to a human level. 2004: Google removes blogs from a web search. 2004: Google whacking gets low coverage during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. 2005: Google adds a costly "speed-submit URL" option. 2006: The Google cache is ruled illegal by US law because it violates the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Google has to remove it. 2007: A US court decides that Google Images violates the copyright. Google removes it. 2008: AllTheWeb is getting better and allows complex searches. 2009: The GoogleBot (ExtraFreshBot) is now fully indexing most webpages