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Sabha at Kadampara - My First Shot

Today I attended the Sabha, infact I stormed the Sabha of our Village with a clear objective of defending the fake personalities , which are making the life of villagers, misserable. There are two of the main characters who are more than the villians of Kadampara. I put forth three very simple Questions to the Sabha members , and I got nothing in answer, were as the Sabha was dismissed because of no answers, which is with a clear message of avoiding the questions. Well in the days to come, there will be more of these village pollitics, which I am very comfortable to tackle.

Lush green Paddy Fields of Kadampara

It was one of the enchanting climate of the month, in my green Village of Kadampara. I took the Bike out of the Cemented Baramda and Shouted the three kids , Saurav, Barsha and Sambit , for a Joy Ride to the paddy Fields. It took them no time to be on my back and we drove towards the Lush Green Monsoon View. Something I Could say to all, I mean All those who struggle hard to make a leaving, that Please make a decision on a quite Vacation to any of the Villages in India, and stay for a day or two , to experience the real beauty in it, The tenderness of the Nature, The blooming Colors of the Sky, the Clouds of the Heaven. I am Sure It means a Lot for all those who make the Life more than busy with the 10 to 12 hours of Work, at least 1 to 2 ours of Traveling for the Job. Do visit the Villages of India and Feel the essence of Peace and the Flavor of Relaxation

Health Insurance is a Must

A Full Month of hectic schedule and the Left Hand Surgery of my cousin brother, that’s took the time away from any Web Development work. Unfortunately my Cousin Brother, Sesedev met with an homely accident, which cost him , with a broken bone and a immediate hand Surgery. In a situation like this the first thing that comes to the Mind is the Money that is needed for the Surgery. In no Time the “Yes for Surgery” comes out of us. It’s the Very Health Insurance that makes us Light on the Thought of a heavy Medical Bill. I certainly suggest all of those in the age of 5 to 45 at least to have a med claim Policy. All the done with the Surgery and the Hospitalizations , He is now recovering with the One and Half Months rest.