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Banana Leafs a Nature's Gifts

Having food served on Banana leaf is a tradition and every time there is a freshness of flavor, taste and natural blessings. So I thought to write something after learning about the greatness and benefits of Banana Leaves. Rice, Dal and Curry Served Today at Home on Banana Leaves What are the dishes served on a banana leaf? In banana leaf meals, white rice (or parboiled rice in authentic South Indian restaurants) is served on a banana leaf with an assortment of vegetables, pickles, appalam, and other regional condiments (usually sour, salty or spicy). The banana leaf acts as a disposable plate and it in itself is not consumed. Is eating on banana leaves healthy? and Why South Indian Meals are served on Banana Leaf? Hot Food served on banana leaves absorbs polyphenols which are said to prevent many lifestyle diseases. They are also said to have anti-bacterial properties that can possibly kill the germs in food. Having food on banana leaves is one of the most economical and inexpensive o
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Harvested G9 Green Banana

Harvesting G9 Banana  Today after a long period of 5 months, finally the G9 Banana variety is harvested at the home garden. The Fruits are large and very healthy, though some of the bananas's got cracked.  

Pritimaya's New Venture Treat

Unlike the First Get Together in 2014 When Pritimaya was not there , this time its His Treat  - Full Veg ( No Onion No Garlic - curtesy Sumita)  , 

Jaamun ka Nasha

full bowl of Raw Jamun Today we set out to the trees of Jamun and cross all limits to fetch as much as we can. Often we search for Nutrition facts, Recipes, How to grow, Propagation, Characteristics Native range, Anatomy of Jamun Fruits. But it's very rare nowadays to find a Jamun tree in the Villages even. The generation of today is fully unknown of its exponential benefits and many also ask the following questions: Can we consume Jamun at night? or Is Jamun Safe for Diabetic patients or is Jamun good for Diabetics, or is it true that Jamun boosts the Immune system? All the Queries needed a vast analysis of Web Contents on Jamum fruits and Jamun Tree. But the Facts of Jamun Remain strong and uncontestable by any Fruits. It's Full of Vitamins and Energy Boosters and tastes exceptionally delicious --:) Half Eaten Jamun - Steve Jobs Style Making smooth climbing efforts by passionate fellows Finally a Step Closer to Jamun Anxious Eyys Kuch Jamun on the Leaves safe to eat First Se

Mango Seeds to Plant

Dusheri Mango Plant Grown indoor from its Seeds this Year. Last year I tried the Neelam and Amrapali Variety of Mango Check out  the Plantation of Mango Plant here  and kids love it  Mango plant ready to be Planted in the Soil Mango Plants in between Coconut Plants Dusheri Mango Seed  

The Year 2004 and the Prediction

The Future Prediction in 2004 for 10 years  It was late in 2004, I mean 18 years ago that I watched a small Video named EPIC 2014. (see below ) It was during the days of working for  Media One, DIGIT magazine, and  Typei that friends and colleagues discussed a lot on its presentation and future prediction.  The Video actually resonates with the future vision of technological giants namely Microsoft, Google, and Amazon as the Powerhouse by the year 2014.  Today almost 18 years later, when I see this video it makes me think of the creator and his perfect Prediction except for some like Amazon and Google don't join as predicted.  I had a talk with Gopal yesterday and referenced this video, as the Work from home culture flourished and Companies like TCS and Infosys are making it a norm, while the Projects work is distributed to multiple companies, unlike the regular way to get from a single company. What is your thoughts on this please share in the comments below :   ..

Imli Plant

  Thr Delicious Imli Candy made out of Imli and Gud(jaggery)